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Jack Ruby and the Dallas Police

Gil Jesus

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Mark Lane's 1966 interviews with Ruby employees Nancy Hamilton and Joseph Johnson who claimed that Jack Ruby served free drinks to Dallas Police officers and knew about half of the police force. Hamilton also reveals that DA Henry Wade knew Ruby and patronized Ruby's club.

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I've viewed the Nancy Hamilton interview clip many times.

What she says about Jack Ruby and his "real" relationship with the Dallas PD and even D.A. Henry Wade are bombshells.

Same with Ruby's long time strip band piano player Joseph Johnson whose interview comments regards Ruby knowing half the officers on the DPD force if not more echo Hamilton's exactly.

Ruby admittedly stated he often carried large amounts of cash on his person. $2,000 was not uncommon.

In today's dollars that amounts to $20,000!

Well respected journalist Seth Kantor's book "Who Was Jack Ruby" reveals so much more about the real Ruby and his real world than our Main Stream Media ever wanted to know...or wanted their readers to know.

Another JFK truth black hole. Purposely created.


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