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Index to the Garrison Files Soon

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If you listened to Len's show last week, he had on a guy from Australia who is doing a methodical indexing of the Garrison files that Len has been sending to people upon request.

I am pretty sure this is a first.  Peter Vea did one many years ago, but it was not nearly as complete as this one will be.

Once he is done, the combination of the files with the index will create a true treasure trove of information.

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The reason I think this is important is that up until the mid nineties, so one ever had the files themselves.

So people inside the critical community could just blast off on Garrison by flying blind with people like Phelan and Aynseworth.

Who both said they were not FBI informants, but the ARRB proved they both were.  And both tried to intimidate Garrison's witnesses and also flip them.

But the files show that Garrison did have a lot of really interesting information.

And this index will aid in that search for what the facts really were and are.  One of the better things the ARRB did was to recover a lot of Garrison's files from the HSCA and Lyon Garrison, JG's son.  We will never have them all, because Connick incinerated a lot of them when he took over the office after JG. And someone sol more of them out of his friend's garage where he had some stored.  

But at least we will have an index now.  And that will really help new people who do not know much about New Orleans.

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here is the show and the guy doing the indexing is first. So you can listen to him right off.

Name is Paul Abbott from down under. I really look forward to this, as all of us here must. After all its about information right?


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What Garrison accomplished despite---

1. Having intel plants on his staff

2. Having minimal budget

3. Having his trial strategy leaked to defendants by plants

4. Having Shaw tell untruths on the stand about being a CIA asset (which he was) 

5. A hostile press infested with Walter Sheridan and Aynesworth and others 

If it had not been for a strange witness named Charles Spiesel who said he fingerprinted his own daughter to determine her bona fides, Garrison might have prevailed. 

Among the many stories that probably should have been pursued is who put Spiesel in Garrison's orbit. 

Garrison was right on the big stuff. 



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This index should be a great tool for research. Len’s copy of the files is searchable but the OCR isn’t perfect and there are a ton of photos, handwritten notes, etc. that are pretty much impossible to find without digging through hundreds of pages of documents. 

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