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Oliver Stone's Destiny Betrayed and the 544 Camp Street Handbill

Steve Roe

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On 2/2/2023 at 7:57 PM, Pat Speer said:

Are you talking about the back yard photos with the figure cut out? I thought the DPD said this was a photo of Det. Bobby Brown in the Oswald pose, and that they were testing to see if the back yard photos could have been a matte or some such thing. 

Now, I only have Groden's photographic book (The Killing o...).

I do not know if he has used this picture in other publications ?

As said it has everything from the LHO BYP, just cut-away LHO.

And he referred to it as being in the Dallas Municipal Archives, I highly doubt it.

If you read the page in his book, it's not so innocent IMO, if he only wanted to proof "it could be done" he should have said so (and not have it reffered to an official archive).

Unless I'm seeing this all wrong... ?



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And this is the "official" one that was in the archives (from the range of photo's they had taken for testing purposes).  It's a lot different in many details of course.

Could have been a basic mistake by Groden, but given the subject a very unfortunate one.  Imagine it was the real deal (Marina accidently pushed the button before Lee was ready, something like that, or someone taken a picture when the Oswalds were not at hom... auch... no really...



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