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Harold Norman Saw Oswald Pretend Drawing Two Guns in the Cowboy Way (HSCA Interview)

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Darn, again confused... if this was indeed during the noon break, and if they have seen him on 5th, where was Williams at that moment ? With them or still on 6th ?

When William was still on 6th he should have crossed Lee (assuming Lee went up / that is...  unless Lee went down to the lunch room / unless they used different stairs/elevators)

Sorry, didn't catch any sleep tonight... 



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For any who didn't catch the link (https://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/12953-harold-norman-on-frontline/, it goes to an earlier discussion of Pat Speer and others showing that Harold Norman's story showed "development", politely put, over the years rendering doubtful any reliability on details claimed by this particular witness in tellings years later.

Harold Norman, Nov 26, 1963, FBI: “He further stated he cannot recall whether he saw Oswald at the Texas School Book Depository during Friday, November 22, 1963."

Harold Norman, Dec 4, 1963, Secret Service: "On November 22, 1963, to the best of my memory, the last time I saw him was about 10:00AM when we were both working on the first floor of the building. I did not speak to him at that time."

Harold Norman, Nov 20, 2003, Frontline documentary "Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?": "We were looking out towards Elm Street, so he walked up and asked us, said, 'What is everybody looking for? What's everybody waiting on?' So we told him we was waiting on the President to come by. He put his hands in his pocket and laughed and walked away, so I don't know where he went, or if he went upstairs or downstairs or where."


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I can't help the feeling that Williams was told to go down from 6th to 5th while he was having his lunch.  

I know this is plausible at most, and I'm not suggesting who it was/were.

And  if it did happen, and I was Williams I would never have said anything to anyone either.

I think there were a bunch of people that must have seen or known "thing", but decided to stay out of the mess (no matter who actually pulled the trigger).

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