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Euins claimed he had a camera

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3 hours ago, Denis Morissette said:


I estimate Amos Euins to be an important witness.

Within moments of the JFKA, Euins related to a Dallas Police Officer that he had seen a gunman on the Sixth Floor of the TSBD who had fired a rifle, although he could not ID the gunman. Euins was overheard telling the DPD officer his version of events by a news-reporter--very contemporaneous, on the spot.

It seems very unlikely anyone compelled Euins to talk to the DPD officer and relate what he saw. I regard Euins as an earnest witness, not an intel plant.

There were other witnesses as well, who saw a gunman in the Sixth Floor of the TSBD. None could ID the shooter. 

I posit, in fact, there was a gunman in the Sixth Floor of the TSBD who fired a rifle as the motorcade passed. 

Was it LHO, and was he shooting to miss or hit? Was the shooter a diversion? 

I will say this: Whoever fired the rifle then left the TSBD Sixth Floor unseen on the stairwell. This raises troubling questions about the argument that LHO could not have fired a rifle during the JFKA, and then left by the stairwell unseen. But somebody else did? 

One individual, wearing a heavy brown coat, was seen leaving the TSBD by the rear in the immediate aftermath of the JFKA, but of course that is not dispositive. 



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On 2/10/2023 at 6:17 PM, Benjamin Cole said:

I will say this: Whoever fired the rifle then left the TSBD Sixth Floor unseen on the stairwell. This raises troubling questions about the argument that LHO could not have fired a rifle during the JFKA, and then left by the stairwell unseen. But somebody else did? 


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8 hours ago, Lance Payette said:

And not only did the Mystery Rifleman (or Riflemen) escape unseen when we are assured not being seen is proof of Oswald's innocence, but Oswald "just happened" to be in the second floor lunchroom. Things like this are why, to me, semi-plausible conspiracy theories have to acknowledge Oswald on the sixth floor firing his trusty Carcano. Oswald firing his Carcano into JFK with the intention of killing him ratchets up a conspiracy theory several notches in terms of plausibility.

The question then becomes, "Why was he doing that?" The Lone Gunman explanation is, of course, one possibility. One can also articulate plausible conspiracy theories, but even if there were a conspiracy I have little faith the perpetrators will ever be identified because, for multiple reasons, it would've had to have been a very small, not-very-well-planned conspiracy.


You may be right that the JFKA conspiracy was small, in terms of witting pre-JFKA participants.

I have always suspected so, for a simple reason: Too many mouths is risky, and for such an operation no one would trust anyone else that they did not know very well---such as a group of guys with bonds formed in battle. Also bound by a very strong ideology (anti-communism, for example) and circumstance (exile from Castro). 

This does not preclude LHO being drawn into a plot, likely unwittingly.

Many people have pointed to LHO's financial straits, his desire for a better position in life (but not through a traditional profession), his eccentric beliefs, and his unusual life story. This may explain LHO's behavior, also suggests that he was vulnerable to inducements, blandishments.

I suspect LHO was an intel asset. BTW, there were literally thousands of CIA assets in the US at the time, due in part to the Cuba situation, and the federal government's desire to fight communism in the Western Hemisphere, but largely covertly, or through proxies. Add on the Cold War. To say, "CIA assets were well vetted" is just silly. Alcoholics and dangerous eccentric-ideologues were not only CIA assets, there were CIA officers. 

Do not forget some elements of the CIA tried to trigger a war with Russia, even possibly nuclear war, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The times were passionate. 

Let us posit, for sake of conversation, a very small JFKA, in terms of witting pre-event participants. A plot perhaps not leading to the top levels of the CIA, although ruling out tacit approval is impossible. Also, we can not rule out inadvertent leaks of vital info, regarding LHO. 

That leaves the post-JFKA cover-up still highly suspicious.

The roll call is long: LHO's murder. The taking of JFK's body from Texas to an incomplete autopsy by amateurs. The decision, evidently within hours (Katzenbach memo) of officials to run with the "lone nut" storyline. The WC's Jack Ruby hagiography. Helms refusal to turn over the "Bay of Pigs" files to Nixon. The ongoing suppression of JFKA records. 

There are other problems, such as Gov. Connally describing bullets entering the cab of the imo as if by "automatic weapons fire" and a Secret Service officer inside the limo describing a "flurry" of gunfire. Connally testifying he was "pushed forward" by the bullet that struck him, which happens about one second before JFK's head shot.  The small round hole in the rear of Connally's shirt, indicating a non-tumbling bullet.

The many, many witnesses (including police officers and veterans) who smelled gunsmoke in Dealey Plaza in the immediate aftermath of the JFKA. 

I could go on, but there is an abundance of evidence to suggest more than one man armed with a single-shot bolt-action rifle on 11/22, and also that the WC was a cover-up.

Moreover, the HSCA concluded there had, in fact, likely been a conspiracy to assassinate JFK. The WC is, literally, not the final official word on the JFK. 

The HSCA conclusions were. 

So that is where we stand today.

The very sober Robert Blakey has more or less come out and said he suspects Eladio Del Valle and Hermininio Diaz were involved in the JFKA that day. If not them, then somebody else was. 


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