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Suppressed Witness After JFKA? Morley-Foley

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FBI Suppressed Witness Account of JFK's Assassination 

Sworn statement was problematic for J. Edgar Hoover's 'real assassin' 

FEB 18

Jesse C. Price witnessed President Kennedy’s assassination with a panoramic view of Dealey Plaza. From his vantage point on the rooftop of the Terminal Annex Building, he had a clear view of Elm Street and the railroad yards behind the picket fence atop of the grassy knoll.

According to his sworn affidavit on the day of Kennedy’s murder, Price heard a “volley of shots” and then saw a man running from the fence line “towards the passenger cars on the railroad siding.” He was able to provide a detailed description of the man’s clothing and added “he had something in his hand.”


Two days later, Price was interviewed by the FBI in Dallas. The FBI reportquotes Price as saying he looked in the direction of the overpass at the time of shots, but “saw nothing pertinent.” When author Mark Lane interviewedPrice on camera in 1966 and he reiterated his initial statements of November 22, 1963.

Did the FBI agents suppress his statement in order to fall in line with director J. Edgar Hoover’s objective to “convince the public Oswald is the real assassin”?


What can be said for certain is J.C. Price was never given the opportunity of telling his story in front of the Warren Commission.


I give more credence to same-day accounts. 

Although most witnesses (that we know of) heard three shots (bang...bang-bang), some heard four, and Gov Connally thought shots had some from an "automatic rifle," while Secret Service officer Roy Kellerman, in the limo that day, described a "flurry" of shots.  

Herein, Price describes a "volley" of shots. And a man running from the GK area (where there was a smoke-and-bang show). 

Pat Speer has done excellent work on how early news accounts described "automatic weapons" fire. 

None of this lines up with a lone gunman armed with a single-shot bolt-action rifle. 

Moreover, it may be there were other witnesses who also heard volleys, and have been repressed. 



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