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Could RFK Jr. sue?

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RFK Jr.?

Haven't read the article yet regards Malcomb X's daughter's lawsuit.

On another JFK related note however, couldn't Lee Harvey Oswald's surviving family members -Marina, her two children, his mother and brother- have sued the DPD for their gross negligence in the murder of him ( an untried suspect only ) right inside their own building while in their protective custody?

The security failure of the DPD resulted in the worst case negligence scenario imaginable.

And couldn't Oswald's surviving family members also have sued the estate of Jack Ruby?

I know...the world was so enraged at Lee Harvey Oswald from what they had read and been told by the authorities ( "This case is cinched"-Will Fritz. " Is a man that had laid his plan carefully ( regarding Oswald )...and carried it out." Henry Wade, on the evening of 11/23/1963 ) and the press that no jury would have ruled in favor of an Oswald family survivors lawsuit anyway.



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10 minutes ago, Michael Griffith said:

I wish more of the Kennedy family were as courageous and outspoken as RFK, Jr. I don't agree with many of his political views, but I admire and applaud his willingness to challenge the official version of his uncle's and father's deaths.

Yes, to some degree it feels like they hang RFK Jr to dry a little. I think the truth is that they know the way the system works and they feel they have suffered enough as a family. The idealist in RFK Jr is strong. A lot of what he says is very thought provoking. I like people with courage and a conviction to high ideals. 

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