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John Newman's new Youtube channel

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From Newman on Facebook.



Well, we have finally, belatedly, turned on the YouTube channel—Ghosts of the Spy Wars. We have posted the beginning Sections and Segments of what will become a massive project over the years ahead. Our first major effort—Part 1—will consist of an introductory Section that will teach viewers the taxonomy that will be used for the Sections, Segments, and slide groups; it will also introduce a few key characters like Sergey Kondrashev, Pete Bagley, and Bruce Solie (more character descriptions will be added over time). The rest of Part I will be devoted to Volume IV, Uncovering Popov’s Mole, and JFK and Vietnam. The first half of Popov’s Mole is up this evening.
You can use this link to access this mega project on YouTube. We will experiment quickly with the best ways to enter through the YouTube search box without running into a John Newman which is not me.







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Two more segments of Newman's Youtube series are below. People might like to sub to the Youtube channel as I'm sure new pieces will go up in the future.

Newman's next book, ARMAGEDDON, will now be coming out in two volumes, so this long running project will likely take a bit longer, see below.



I am now hard at work producing Segments for JFK and Vietnam. They will end up being four times larger than those for Popov’s Mole. I am reviewing everything once again—both the 1992 and 2017 editions. The inevitable result is new original material. Already, I am noticing details that actually began surfacing in former Volume IV--Armageddon (now Volume V that will be TWO volumes, Volume A and Volume B).
I am carefully reconsidering the extent to which Colonel Howard Burris wined and dined me at several of Washington’s best restaurants. Fortunately, I made a lot of notes. Burris had no qualms with inventing small details. Apparently, larger topics were not an exception. For example, the LBJ-Burris gestalt he presented to me was upside down. This has important implications for the tragic events that took place on 22 November 1963.
Another example is the 20 July 1961 NSC/NES briefing for Kennedy (see Uncovering Popov's Mole, pp 148-153), after which he walked out in disgust saying, "And we call ourselves the human race." It turns out that the awful scenario briefed by the chiefs on that date was still in play during the last six weeks of JFK's life. It is interesting to research who was at the 1961 briefing that was in power in the fall of 1963. 






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In these segments, Newman suggests that LHO was a Ukrainian KGB asset of some type (as in infiltrator?), and that there was a well-known counter-intel spy school just blocks from where LHO lived in Minsk. 

BTW, much of what Newman writes dovetails with this interview of Bagley:


Evidently, Bagley and Newman regard Nosenko as a false defector, and somewhat rehabilitate Angleton. CIA'er Bruce Solie was a Soviet spy, Newman says. 

Almost nothing in the Bagley interview pertains to LHO. 

Malcolm Blunt has written that, in an unrecorded interview, Bagley said that LHO was a witting US intel asset in the USSR. I sure wish we had that on the record. 

Newman is getting deep into CIA cultures and even subcultures, nooks and crannies. Not sure how this relates to LHO, and the JFKA. Wait and see. 

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