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Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry: Only 4 DPD Officers Knew Jack Ruby

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Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry claims that only 4 Dallas Police Officers out of 1,200 knew Ruby socially.



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  • Gil Jesus changed the title to Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry: Only 4 DPD Officers Knew Jack Ruby

Let's break down Curry's numbers using mostly just common sense to evaluate their credibility.

Ruby had been in the dance/bar/strip club business in Dallas since 1947 when he first joined up with his sister, Eva Grant.

Ruby regularly advertised ( weekly ) his strip club in the main Dallas newspaper for years. Ruby was known for passing out personal business cards to many people ( perhaps thousands ) for years as well.

His Carousel Club was on a main Dallas downtown street, right across from a well known and fairly high end hotel - The Adolphus. Where LBJ himself stayed from time to time.

In 16 years, how many calls to the police were made regards any incidents at Ruby's clubs? Where late night, boozed up patrons frequently act out.

On top of normal police calls, the vice squad probably had regular or at least semi-regular visits to the Vegas and Carousel clubs as it is always a given that strip joints are fronts for prostitution. And checks on other illicit activities like serving drinks after hours were part of the vice squad regulatory process, no?

The reality point here is that how could over half of the Dallas police force "not" know of these clubs ( especially the Carousel ) and who it's owner was especially after 16 years and all the advertising Ruby paid for and promoted for that long period of time.

Jack Ruby was his own publicity agent. And a super energetic almost manic one.

And don't forget Ruby's well known late night deli sandwich runs that he would hand out to the fellows at the DPD.

"I'll take the corned beef on rye Jack."

Only 10 officers knew Jack Ruby in that way after all those years?

Thousands of people visited the Ruby family owned clubs over those years. From students to the highest economic level social set.

So, Curry says his men filled out questionnaires and less than 50 checked they even knew of Jack Ruby?

Less than a dozen knew him personally and only 4 ever went to his club socially?


Even Dallas DA "Henry Wade" came in for a drink and peek according to former Ruby/Carousel "bar manager" employee Nancy Hamilton. 

Ruby himself mentioned several Dallas PD officers he knew by name that he saw in the DPD parking basement when he sauntered past Officers Roy Vaughn and Sam Pierce on his way down the ramp, to then position himself just inches behind one of his longest DPD officer friends big William" Blackie" Harrison...and a foot or two to the side of DPD officer Croy.

DPD Sergeant Patrick Dean knew Ruby by sight. Even Oswald hand holding DPD officer James Leavelle knew Ruby by sight.

Sounds like the DPD building basement was a virtual class re-union event for Ruby knowing DPD personnel the morning of 11/24/1963.

Curry's numbers in the press conference event video above are not credible.

Just by the common sense factor described. 

Heck, Roscoe White himself married a gal ( Geneva White ) who either worked briefly for Ruby at the Carousel or at least tried to get hired there as an exotic dancer. 

So, we can even add ole Roscoe as one of Curry's "dirty dozen" DPD cops who knew Jack Ruby.    

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Heck, wasn't he arrested like seven times over the years?  All but one dismissed, a small fine.  If you figure at least a couple involved in each arrest in some capacity that's fourteen, not four.  Then we start throwing in ones we know he knew . . .

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Throw in the Dallas FBI.

Ruby provided big shots with girls?

Maybe on occasion out of town visiting ones?

I wouldn't doubt one or more of the highest level members of the TEXAS OIL cabal visited the Carousel from time to time. 

LBJ mistress Madeleine Brown said she went there with others at least on one occasion.

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On 3/1/2023 at 10:18 AM, Rich Taylor said:

I agree, Joe.  Dallas cops frequented his establishment for years prior to 63.

Didn't Ruby have many incidents where he worked over loud, drunk and disorderly patrons so roughly the cops were called?

Ruby carried brass knuckles. Once had a part of one pinky bit off in a hand-to-hand fight? Ruby was his own muscle man.

Cops remember guys like Ruby.

If one wanted to see some action in downtown Dallas at night...one went down to Commerce Street.

There were "two" flesh flashing Burlesque houses there.

Just two doors down from the Carousel on Commerce was another Burlesque house called the "Colony Club" which was owned by Abe Weinstein. Ruby was extremely jealous of Weinstein. Weinstein's "Deco Cabaret" Colony Club was known as a "classy" place.

Ruby's Carousel a "tacky joint." Laughable decor. Cheap champagne and ... pizza? Ha!

Even well known JFKA writer Jim Marrs knew of Jack Ruby well before 11/22/1963. As a young college student he once jumped up on stage with a Ruby stripper to engage in some act-a-fool type laugh act.

Sure sounds to me like Jack Ruby was somewhat a known cause celebre type character in the seedy Dallas strip joint scene for years.



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10 hours ago, Ron Bulman said:

Heck, wasn't he arrested like seven times over the years?  All but one dismissed, a small fine.  If you figure at least a couple involved in each arrest in some capacity that's fourteen, not four.  Then we start throwing in ones we know he knew . . .


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Dallas PD Officer R.C. Nelson.

Patrol beat partner of J.D. Tippit.

Officer Nelson was next to Dealey Plaza when JFK was hit.

Was in the Texas Theater when Oswald was arrested there.

Was guarding the DPD basement exit ramp during Oswald's transfer through there.

Ran down and helped wrestle Jack Ruby to the ground seconds after Ruby shot Oswald inside the garage.

But that's not where Nelson's brush with history, or the story of Oswald ended.

Two days after the assassination of Kennedy and with an entire nation in mourning, Nelson was assigned to the basement's main door entrance from city hall. Oswald was scheduled to be moved from city hall to the county jail and he was being moved through the basement.

Nelson said all of the television cameras, which broadcast the transfer and what happened in the basement, entered through the door where he was standing guard.

As Oswald was moving through the basement, Nelson was approximately 20 feet away when he heard a shot ring out and then chaos. Chicago businessman Jack Ruby had gotten into the basement and shot Oswald with a .38 revolver.

Nelson said Ruby was bent over and he heard someone yell, "Get his gun."

"I grabbed for his hands and didn't find a gun," Nelson said. "But I managed to manhandle him into the basement jail house office and handcuffed him."

Ruby reportedly said, "It's me, it's Jack," right after he fired the fatal shot at Oswald. Ruby knew several Dallas Police officers, but Nelson said he was not familiar with him.

What hasn't been shared before is what Nelson said happened just before the shooting and then in the immediate aftermath.According to Nelson, right before Oswald was brought to the basement, a Dallas Police decoy car was brought to the basement and plain clothes cops were put inside the car to distract the media from the real transfer vehicle.The decoy car drove up the north ramp, which Nelson said was actually the entry ramp to the basement.

"They drove up the north ramp which was actually the entry ramp into the basement and drove around the block," Nelson said.

Nelson said the lieutenant driving the decoy car came walking back through his area after parking in the basement again. Nelson said he was positive that Ruby had not passed him to get into the basement.

According to Nelson, Lieutenant Sam Pierce said Ruby walked right by the decoy car and walked down the north ramp into the basement. Shortly after the shooting, however, Nelson was told Dallas Chief of Police Jesse Curry wanted to see him.

When Nelson got to Chief Curry's office, he saw Lieutenant Pierce was already in the office. The chief told Nelson, "R.C., this isn't going to be held against you with all the TV cameras that were coming into the basement."

Nelson thought Chief Curry was implying that Ruby had gotten past him.


Nelson said he told the chief that,

"You can tell them anything you want, but Ruby didn't come by me!"



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