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Did Jack Ruby expect to get a suspended sentence?

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All that weekend in countless interviews we saw and heard DPD chief Jesse Curry telling the nation and world how Oswald's security and well being was of paramount importance and was being given the highest security consideration in DPD history.

Curry stated he allowed Oswald to be walked by and through the press crush circus inside his building so the world could see Oswald was not being mistreated by his men in any way. 

When asked by members of the press if he (Curry) was concerned about Oswald's physical safety in light of how threatened Oswald was Curry said "no!" that the highest security 'in his department's history were being taken to ensure Oswald's safety in his department's custody.

Ruby's access into the DPD basement garage was so easy according to Ruby himself.

He simply walked up close to the garage exit ramp entrance area and when two guards there got distracted, he sauntered right down the ramp and within a minute or two was able to squeeze himself up to the front of the press crowd line and with a quick three step leap, get within inches of wide-open Oswald's gut to ... BOOM! ... avenge Jackie Kennedy, prove Jews had guts, and do what he thought the DPD wanted to do but couldn't do themselves?

And no one got fired (or even disciplined?) for the greatest and most important major city police department security failure in American history?

Only in Dallas, Texas in 1963.  LBJ land.

Or what JFK referred to as "nut country" to his wife a day earlier in their Fort Worth hotel room.



As the airplane seatmate Russell Long character ( in real life Hale Boggs ) tells the Jim Garrison character in Oliver Stone's 1991 film "JFK"..."that dog don't hunt."

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