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F6 showing a perfect black circle & Dr. Chesser's analysis

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Played a bit with the contrast and brightness yet surprisingly there is no other place on the entire image which takes the shape of a circle over an area of the head associated with a frontal shot entry wound...

Some will say this is perfectly natural as we can see "something" within the black circle so it can't be anything added after the fact...

Look at Groden's color version again and see the V-shaped cutout in that area...  no black circle



One is to remember the numerous "circles" that have no explanation that makes sense... the 6.5mm planted disc in the xray and the 2 round burn marks which no other radiologist says resembles any burn they've ever seen - on the Anterior xray with the 6.5mm disc.  These are the circles Ebersol claims were burn marks...

Dr. Chesser offers a much better explanation of these "burns" as well as the detailed analysis I mentioned.  you can find his revised Youtube presentation below:
Dr. Chesser gave me permission to post...  and this is a review of the work with a few more of the slides related to the burn marks on the xray   



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