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VIDEO: Did Oswald and Ruby Know Each Other ?

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On 3/10/2023 at 9:56 AM, Michael Crane said:

Was Ruby bi-sexual? I don't mean that in a derogatory way.I heard the assassination was planned by a bunch of homosexuals.

Sworn testimony of Karen Bennett Carlin (Carousel Club Stripper "Little Lynn" ) for the Warren Commission April 15th, 1964 at the Fort Worth Post Office Building:

Mr. JACKSON. Did you know or had you heard anything concerning the possibility of any kind of homosexuality on the part of Jack?
Mrs. CARLIN. Yes.
Mr. JACKSON. Is that just a rumor running out there, or what?
Mrs. CARLIN. That was from his mouth. He was always asking the question, "Do you think I am a queer? Do you think I look like a queer? Or have you ever known a queer to look like me?" Every time I saw him he would ask it.
Mr. JACKSON. Do you mean he would bring up the subject himself?
Mrs. CARLIN. Yes; he would say, "Do you think I look like one or act like one?"
Mr. JACKSON. Did he say he was?
Mrs. CARLIN. No; he just asked me, "Do I look like one."
Mr. JACKSON. But he never admitted to you of being one?
Mrs. CARLIN. No.
Mr. JACKSON. Or ever made any statements that indicated that he was a homosexual?
Mrs. CARLIN. Not to my knowledge.
Mr. JACKSON. What you have told us here is all that you know about his abnormality, if any?
Mrs. CARLIN. Yes.

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People have to take into consideration that Oswald had a habit of leaving work anytime he wanted to. That's what got him canned at Reilly. With that in mind, the argument that it wasn't Oswald at Dobbs House because he was at work becomes worthless.

If he was doing the same thing at the TSBD, they would have been powerless to fire him, especially if he had been chosen as the patsy for the assassination. They couldn't very well fire him once they had him in the building. Once he was in that building, he could pretty much do whatever he wanted to, including leaving work to go to the Dobbs House for breakfast.

I'm not saying this is what happened, I'm just suggesting it as a possibility.

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It's hard to totally dismiss the statements by Carousel employees like Bill DeMarr ( a memory expert!) made to Dan Rather on national TV just days after 11/22/1963 that he (they) saw Oswald in the Carousel audience just a week or two before.

DeMarr's memory game centered on his ability to match audience member's faces with their stated objects ... and in the order of their stating them!

Was DeMarr known to be good at this act?

Or was he loudly laughed at by a bunch of drunk patron's in a seedy strip joint because he made too many mistakes with it?

Carousel comedian Wally Weston claimed he jumped off stage and socked a Lee Oswald look-alike who was shouting to him that he ( Weston) was a GD Communist!

Beverly Oliver's story of being introduced to "my friend Lee" by Ruby himself while sitting in the club with Jada one night might be a whopper, maybe not. But it still adds at least more thought to the possibility.

Karen Bennett Carlin ( Carousel stripper "Little Lynn") always seemed the most intriguing to me about her sharing of things she saw or heard regarding Ruby and other nefarious types that she may or may not have seen Ruby interact with. Who may have visited Ruby in his little back office behind closed doors.

She said on more than one occasion that she didn't want to express her true feelings about what she may have seen or heard about anything JFK related and of Ruby's connection to anyone or anything related to it.

She seemed genuinely scared.

My guess is Carlin saw some people, heard some things in her time at the Carousel that she didn't want to see and hear.

Maybe Carlin saw Dallas policemen ( plain clothes? ) meeting with Ruby in that back room office?

Maybe some out of town serious faces guys looking like typical underworld types?

Ruby mixed with them all.

Ruby's Carousel was Dallas's own "Rick's Place" if you ask me.

Seedy and tacky yet still full of intrigue and shady characters from every economic, political and police strata popping in and out.


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21 minutes ago, Paul Cummings said:

Ruby and Oswald were seen together by the staff at Austin's BBQ.  

I posted a link to an interview of an Austin's Barbeque employee/waitress.

The interviewer was trashed by at least one forum member here who is highly respected.

Maybe the interviewer was discredited at some point. I don't know enough about him to say either way.

However, I heard this woman's statements about who she saw in her restaurant regards Ruby, Tippit and others.

As well as seeing someone who to her looked like Oswald, sitting with an older man as they both spoke to each other in a foreign language. 

Could this older man have been George DeM?

The woman worked at this restaurant for almost two years she said. It would be easy to prove or disprove that claim.

She sounded rational and honest to me. Her reason for not coming forward sooner was plain and simple fear.

She worked with the waitress who was having an affair with DPD officer Tippit, Johnny Maxie Witherspoon. 

A Mary Dowling worked at another diner restaurant named Dobbs. She said Tippit would come in regularly for morning coffee. She also stated she once saw Oswald come in to her restaurant as well.


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