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John F. Kennedy, Liberal Democrat

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He said he was proud to be Liberal.  The term has been twisted by his opponents ever since.  Attributed to Profiles in Courage, a speech in 1960, and I read somewhere a press conference as President.  Was he assassinated for being Liberal?

Quote by John F. Kennedy: “If by a "Liberal" they mean someone who looks a...” (goodreads.com)

John F. Kennedy quote: If by a "Liberal," they mean someone who looks ahead... (azquotes.com)

liberal - Search (bing.com)

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If you truly admire and respect JFK, you should not misrepresent his beliefs. JFK made the comment you quoted while accepting the nomination of the Liberal Party of New York state, and notice how he qualified the definition of "liberal."

Moreover, on other occasions, JFK made it very clear that he was not really a liberal. Even Chris Matthews, an ardent JFK admirer, conceded the point in his biography, Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero. “I am not a liberal at all,” Kennedy once told the Saturday Evening Post. “I’m not comfortable with those people.” Journalist and JFK insider Ben Bradlee confirmed it: “He hated the liberals.”

The New New Left Is No New Frontier and JFK Was No Liberal (thedailybeast.com)

If you transported Nancy Pelosi-AOC-Liz Warren-Bernie Sanders liberals back in time to 1962, they would be fiercely critical of many of JFK's policies. If JFK were alive today, the liberal wing of the Democratic Party would consider him another Joe Manchin or worse.

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