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John Connally helped sabotage Carter's effort to rescue the hostages in 1980

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11 hours ago, Matt Allison said:

Strange, I posted about this exact same subject but Mark Knight removed it. Perhaps he can explain his censoring of my post?

Yes, I added an excellent NYT article on the chicanery that undercut Carter, the last honest US president. 

But...perhaps Carter is OT. The mods may have a point. 

How the Deep State affects and effects modern-era policies---right to and including the Biden Administration---is worthy topic. There is a thread on Biden, pinned to the top. 

I think if you post on how the Deep State gutted Carter inside the Biden thread, it will be tolerated, although I cannot speak for the mods. I would welcome it, and civil comments from across the political spectrum. 


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1 hour ago, Ron Bulman said:

I think if you want to know how corrupt was Connally one must ask how corrupt was LBJ.  If I remember right, years ago I read Connally was LBJ's "Boy" as a Fort Worth lawyer before becoming governor.  Possibly being in a few important cases being a bag man for LBJ, receiving or disbursing funds in exchange for favors?  Didn't LBJ promote him for the Secretary of the Navy appointment, even though he wasn't really qualified?  Not from any book I have, likely one from a library, not sure what book though.

This info on the 1980 mid east trip is interesting though.  I remember Ben Barnes.  In the story Matt related it mentioned Barnes stated this for the record as he was terminally ill if I remember right?

Does his corruption relate to the assassination?  His protest at Love Field about riding with JFK, Yarborough not wanting to ride with LBJ.  JFK mentioning "we're in nut country now", something about anyone with a rifle from a tall building.  He insisted on the seating arrangement, did he have a thought that if someone might take a shot a him they might hesitate for fear of hitting Johnson's "Boy"?  We all know how that went.

I know, JFK reputedly did this to illustrate his commitment to the conservative side of the Texas democratic party, as well as show Johnson and Yarborough "getting along" in the same car.  Part of the purpose of the trip was supposedly to unite the sparring factions of the conservative LBJ/Connally and liberal Yarborough sides.  But I have to wonder if JFK might have considered Connally as insurance in Dallas.

Did Connally cry out "They're going to kill us all" when hit?

He did turn republican a few years after the assassination.

What timing.  A post I thought about for an hour or two before making buried 2 minutes after I post it.  Coincidence, I'm sure.  The full story about Barnes trip with Connally is available in a link by Douglass Caddy on the 56 years thread.    

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You know. I had been thinking the intel state deposed three Presidents---JFK, Nixon, Trump. 

But maybe it was JFK, Nixon, Carter, Trump. 

I lived in DC during the Carter Presidency. I sensed the fix was in against Carter---he got atrocious press coverage---but who knows?


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