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Trump got the letter; look for his indictment to be announced this Friday, or the Monday after.



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One part of the charges against Trump will be 1 or more charges of obstruction of justice; this explains part of that:


Prosecutors from the special counsel’s office have focused their obstruction inquiries around Trump, Trump’s body man Walt Nauta and a maintenance worker who helped Nauta move boxes of classified documents ahead of federal agents searching the property last summer, and potentially others, sources told CNN.

When Nauta spoke to the FBI last year, he initially said he hadn’t handled boxes or sensitive documents at Mar-a-Lago, CNN previously reported. But after the FBI obtained the surveillance footage, he changed his story and said Trump had directed him to move the boxes, according to the previous CNN reporting. Nauta stopped speaking with investigators last fall after changing attorneys.



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Posted (edited)

Thank You, Achmed!

June 5, 2023

Our Century Link internet service abruptly stopped working on May 24th.

My wife called Century Link Customer Service and the call center representative (in India?) scheduled a repairman to come to our house the following week-- on June 1st.  

One week without an internet link felt like a century!  My wife even drove to some stores to use their Wi-Fi for downloads.  I tried using my tiny, primitive Android cellphone, which I rarely use.  (I had to purchase additional "data" to read the newspapers on the tiny screen of my phone.)

We were told that the repair guy would come to our house on June 1st between 8 AM and 5 PM-- a 9 hour window.

So, we skipped our daily walk around the park and took turns house sitting last Thursday-- waiting 9 hours for the Century Link repairman to show up.

He never showed, or called, and we had no direct phone number with which to contact him.

So, my wife called the Century Link call center (in India) and they told her they would re-schedule our internet repair for the following week-- on June 8th.

It was Kafka-esque.

My wife, a very patient lady, was furious.  After demanding to speak to a manager and being put on hold and transferred to various bewildered call center representatives, who had no idea who she was or why she was transferred to them, she finally told the last apologetic rep that she was firing Century Link.

She called Xfinity on Friday, and the Xfinity/Comcast guy came out to our house this morning and spent an hour replacing an old cable and some other malfunctioning stuff.

Very polite guy.  Great service.  Everything works.

He had a heavy Arabic accent and his name was Achmed.

I shook his hand before he left, and said, "Thank you, Achmed!"

After he left, I turned to my wife and said, "Thank God for these immigrants.  Trump and the MAGAts are always railing against them, but where would we be in this crazy country without them?  


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Posted (edited)

- Ted Cruz -

"Mark my words, I believe Garland will indict Donald Trump. He wants to indict Trump because he hates Trump. He’s angry that he wasn’t confirmed to the Supreme Court."


Cruz laying the groundwork for the violence to come.

Trump didn't do anything wrong.

It's the Boxes Hoax.


Steve Thomas

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1 hour ago, Steve Thomas said:

Do you think Melania will visit Donald in prison?

My wife and I are taking bets.

Steve Thomas

She could if she chose to do so if Trump were incarcerated in Montgomery, Alabama, a minimal security prison where John Mitchell served his sentence. 


Federal Prison Camp, Montgomery - Wikipedia

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