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1 hour ago, W. Niederhut said:

Any thoughts or insights about the delays in indicting Trump, (including the Fulton County case?)

It would be for the best if the first indictments handed down were done by the Federal government for Trump's sedition after the 2020 election, as that is the most important. Perhaps the state prosecutors feel the same.

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4 hours ago, W. Niederhut said:

I wonder if these endless delays are related to concerns about attacks/riots by violent Trump supporters.

Didn't the Fulton County grand jury wrap up their hearings a month ago?

I heard that the Manhattan DA has talked to the Fulton County DA about the latter filing the first criminal case against Trump. This would take the heat off the Manhattan DA who has faced criticism for filing his case first because it was the weakest in the view of public opinion. So, the Fulton DA will file first and do so soon and the Manhattan grand jury will return in a month to indict Trump in its case.

I guess we shall just have to wait and see how it all plays out. This leaves Trump twisting in the wind.

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Why the Trump Org Suddenly Fired Its Jailed Money Man’s Lawyer

by Jose Pagliery  Mar. 30, 2023


“Mr. Weisselberg’s decision to change lawyers was entirely his own, a decision which I understand Mr. Weisselberg made in consultation with his family after the conclusion of the trial.”

“Cohen’s memoir, Disloyal, describes how he and Weisselberg discussed the payoff in Trump Tower just weeks before the election. Cohen recalls how Weisselberg initially suggested faking business records by running an invoice through the Trump National Golf Club outside Los Angeles or selling a Mar-a-Lago membership.

“We definitely don’t want any paper trail leading back to the Boss… if the Boss pays it and signs the check, it’s like disclosing it to the world…. it needs to come from a third-party to ensure secrecy,” Weisselberg is quoted as saying.”

This is what I have been waiting on.

Steve Thomas

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Russian Troops Given Holy Candles Not Battle Gear to Protect Them in Ukraine by Allison Quinn  Mar. 30, 2023


"Russian draftees in the country’s Perm region have been given “protection candles” instead of much-needed equipment and told to light them in the heat of battle to “cast out evil spirits.”

“This is some xxxxed-up dooky. I’m more and more astonished by these gags. They gave such candles to everyone in the squadron. What jackass is going to light this in battle, this candle of protection? They somehow can’t issue new uniforms or combat boots on time, but distributing candles is no problem,” one soldier told local outlet Perm 36,6.

A photo he provided of one of the candles in question shows that it came with instructions featuring the Russian Orthodox cross and advice to “light the candle in battle” in order to dispel fear and make bullets “not scary”


Steve Thomas

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‘I see this as a global fascist moment’: author Jeff Sharlet on interviewing far-right Americans
Sharlet, who spent a dozen years talking to ordinary people about their predilection for violence, has long sounded the alarm


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