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Eric Trump complains that New York is wasting time prosecuting his dad instead of arresting Tylenol thieves


"This is a city I spend a lot of time in, New York, that is falling apart," he said. "I went into literally CVS the other day, and you can't buy Tylenol because it's locked behind these glass counters, because there's so much theft and there's so much looting, there's so much homelessness and crime, but yet their attention is going after Donald Trump."

Steve Thomas

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I don't care if it's personal money.  Yes, if it's campaign funds that's worse.  But either way they were used to shut her up so his screwing a porn star wouldn't influence the election.  Illegal.  Go to jail.

Why Trump indictment might hinge on a 'novel legal theory' (msn.com)

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So, if he ignores a gag order, a $1000 fine would be peanuts to him, easily recouped with a defense fundraiser from his base.  But he could still face 30 days in the hole?

A gag order for Donald Trump is 'extremely likely' once he's before a judge, legal expert says (msn.com)


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In the early 2000s, Vladimir Putin and Russia re-started the Cold War; they just did so without telling anyone.

With the U.S. clearly distracted by anti-Muslim mania after 9/11, Putin saw an opening and began to turbo-charge his espionage efforts under a re-monikered KGB section, now called the SVR.

However these spies were not the crafty Russians of the 60s and 70s; the inferior training these agents received has resulted in episodes like below:


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