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Biography: Dirk David

Dirk David

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Age: 42 yr old

Residence: Pence, In. (Pop. est. 65)

Occupation: Quality Assurance Technician for a branch of Conagra


Main Interest and Hobby: Computer Technology

I began working with PCs in 2000. Since then I've had some college classes in related topics but mostly I am self-taught. Aside from using the Internet, I spend my time studying Visual Basic Programming, MS Office Suite applications, database development, 2D & 3D graphic/animation programming, and all things about Networking. My lifelong career is playing guitar (30+ years). I want to join your forum since it seems that I may be able to make some contacts with other programmers/specialists in my fields of interest. There is no one in my personal life that I can share ideas with when it comes to programming so I have to look far and wide to find "live resources." (BTW, my father said I should drop his name with you, he is Dennis David -

of the JFK Conspiracy related forums.) I do maintain a website, but I recently downgraded it to avoid the extra cost, since it generates no income on its own.


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