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David Talbot's post on Facebook about JFK vs. The National Security State

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David Talbot wrote this on Facebook yesterday:

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President Kennedy vs. the National Security State -- As CIA spymaster Allen Dulles reminded us, the truth will set you free. The truth about the Kennedy presidency can't be found in the academic establishment or corporate media, but I've been interviewed in recent weeks about my books "Brothers" (about Robert Kennedy's quiet search for the truth about Dallas) and "The Devil's Chessboard" (about the dark power of the national security establishment) by independent-thinking podcasters, radio show hosts, and documentary filmmakers. Bob Dylan knows the truth, as he sang in "Murder Most Foul." Do you?
The reasons that President Kennedy's assassination still matters are simple: He was fighting for world peace and the forces of permanent war killed him. And because any society that is deprived of the truth (and that is what's at stake in the decades-old battle to finally get access to all the JFK records) is doomed to repeat history.
This summer, I will be interviewed on Zoom about the Kennedy assassination for a worldwide audience of Jungian analysts and scholars. As the Canadian host told me, they won't bother with the conspiracy question because the whole world (except the U.S. establishment) knows that Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy. The therapeutic audience is more interested in exploring what covering up the dark truth does to people. (Carl Jung himself also happened to analyze both the wife and mistress of the sinister Allen Dulles.)
The Trump shadow that still looms over America. That's what happens to a nation that is not allowed to confront the truth about itself.
If you're still wrestling with the truth about JFK and America, this is a good place to start -- David Emory's recent podcast interview with me and James DiEugenio, who coproduced Oliver Stone's important documentary "JFK Revisited." We're featured on shows #18 and 19. https://www.kennedysandking.com/.../jim-dieugenio-s-27...
(This photo of President Kennedy captures the terrible moment when he was finally told about the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, the democratic president of Congo and the hope of national liberation throughout the world. The president was informed by his UN ambassador, Adlai Stevenson. The CIA, which engineered Lumumba's assassination, had kept it from Kennedy for three weeks.)
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That Zoom conference sounds really interesting.

The 27 part series is epochal.  Talbot, Lisa Pease, Newman, Paul Bleau, Aguilar.

It was designed as a commemoration of Stone's film.

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