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Hoover knew next to nada about LHO pre-assassination?

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Several items suggest Hoover knew next to nothing about Oswald pre-assassination.

1 - Nov 22nd 1964 (4:01pm) Hoover Document


In this very early document typed up at 4:01pm on the day of the assassination, Hoover lists out what he knows about Oswald. The document shows that Hoover mistakenly thinks Oswald has been to Cuba several times. This document suggests therefore that Hoover knew next to nothing about LHO pre-assassination.

2 - The New York FBI offices 2 Month Delay

One of the strange aspects of the case is that in April 1963 the New York FBI got hold of information that Oswald had written to the FPCC that month and had passed out pro-Castro leaflets in Dallas. For some reason it took the New York FBI office two months to pass this information on within the FBI (i.e. to Dallas, New Orleans).

However after the assassination, Hoover censured two New York FBI agents over this delay. This suggests the delay was indeed inadvertent rather than being part of some kind of shady FBI master plan involving Oswald pre-assassination. Otherwise Hoover would not have censured the two New York FBI agents. Unless of course Hoover censured the two New York FBI agents as a smoke screen to hide the fact the two agents had actually been ordered to withhold the info about Oswald from other FBI offices for those two months. Taken at face value, the censure suggests the 2 month delay was simply a blunder and they did not think him important enough to pass on info regarding him within the FBI sooner than two months, and consequently not something significant enough that Hoover would have had need to know about. This censure therefore suggests that Hoover knew next to nothing about LHO pre-assassination.

The full list of censures, including the two New York FBI agents, can be listened to here:

SOURCE (55 minutes to end of video): https://youtu.be/hZSsMyuIGDA
Ep. 222 ~ Good Lord Billy Joe...

3 - FBI Thought Marguerite Oswald Owned PO Box 2915

Tom Gram goes into this in detail in his document “Rethinking Oswalds Mail” LINK: https://gregrparker.com/rethinking-oswalds-mail/

Basically in the immediate hours after the assassination, the FBI knew so little about Oswald that they mistakenly think his PO Box 2915, the one the rifle was sent to, actually belonged to Marguerite Oswald and that Lee simply had the use of it. This again demonstrates that the FBI knew next to nothing about LHO pre-assassination.

These items are worth considering when examining Hoovers actions after the assassination. The above three items suggest a genuine lack of knowledge by him about LHO pre-assassination. 

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