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Brent Crosby

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I have to loosely promote my blog because (1) I'm not grammatically correct (yet), and, (2) I'm not certain if my ideas make sense and are respectful.

Anyhow, I've come to realize the right is quite weak on the environment. Robert Devine's "Bush Versus the Environment" is recommended not because it applies many solutions, but in its sheer volume of exposition on our current administration. He sheds some light on what I talk about: The urban person has lost appreciation for nature.

The right seem it is in their best interest to snub the environment topic because its supporters are mainly on the left. You decide for yourself, though. The Middle Ear

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Just a small point, Brent. I've noticed that you seem to be worried about your grammatical correctness. I'm a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, and let me assure you that getting overly worried about grammatical correctness is a very North American phenomenon! This doesn't mean that the rest of the world doesn't care - it's just that we know that languages evolve, and that what is grammatically correct in one generation is often grammatically incorrect in another.

I don't find any of your posts incomprehensible - or even stylistically difficult to read - so let me put your mind at rest: you're doing alright and you don't need to worry!

PS. There's an American in Sweden who's come up with the idea of 'Majority English' (English freed from the tyranny of native speakers!). His web site can be found at http://www.bentarz.se

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