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Media Blackout on CIA Committee/JFK Records Act

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1 hour ago, Michaleen Kilroy said:

I asked ChatGPT about Joannides and it gave me the canned response you’d expect from the CIA.

Unfortunately, you can’t be too paranoid about the CIA’s control of their messages across mediums - TV, movies, news, online.

What Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger have revealed about state manipulation of social media platforms is very daunting. 

Why doesn't the topic of full release of the JFK Records, and Schweikert's bill, get traction any traction in the public eye?  Become a cause celebre?

Who knows? The threads on social media may get snuffed out by state-approved algorithms. Somebody may Twitter about the JFK Records...and it just sort of peters out. 

On all matters JFKA, Wikipedia reads like WC apologists. By chance? Who has the money to constantly monitor and refresh JFKA info on Wikipedia? 

Not the JFKA research community. 


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