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Leaving All Forums: Eye Problems, etc. Judyth

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Jim was unaware that all the JVB ground was covered more than 5 years ago here.


To all:

I wish to thank everyone who has been so kind to me, and tto hose who have attacked me unfairly, well, I think they have shown their true colors. I have never minded answering reasonable questions. And nobody should take what I say without careful examination of the facts and what I have said (not what others SAY I said... there are corrupted materials out there, over which I have no control).

I have given you the truth and stand by it.

However, I am now in a situation where I do not have a computer that I can get access to easily, and for health reasons, I am not able to reach an internet cafe.

I will have access only a very short time each day to somebody else's computer.

Until my book comes out, I will have to confine my posts to just a few people and will not have an opportunity to read on this forum or on Wim Dankbaar's.

Since I receive over fifty emails a day from new people, to whom I have tried to send personal responses, these, too, will sadly have to cease.

I realize that there will be people such as Mr. Vernon who will continue to try to elicit responses from me, but between my eye problems and computer problems, I do not have time or ability any more to engage. Someday I may have my own computer again.

The short time i will be able to spend using a friend's computer connection, I wish to communicate with my family, whom I miss very much, and with my dearest friends, who have supported me during this horrendous five years. I have learned a great deal and I regret that I have been unable to communicate as well as I had hoped who I am and the innocence of Lee Oswald.

I pray for all of you in your efforts to find the truth.

Remember to ask for quotations from researchers. Do not rely just on their statements. It isn't good enough to say "John Blank had no friends." There has to be the stated research behind it-- names, quotes, dates of interviews, sources. Do not take the word of someone making a blankey statement. "Jerry Cool said he knew that John Blank had no friends."(interview by Bill Will, June 7, 2004, Atalanta, Greece)

It isn't good enough to just 'believe' what a researcher distills. Get the facts. I hope you ignore and do not give attention to those who use abusive terms.

I care very much. I wish I could continue.

My eyes, frankly, are just getting too bad to go on, compounded with lack of computer, and, foremost, I am at the end of my financial resources to improve the matter.

I never thought I would lose job, home, car, health, etc. in just five years after speaking out. Any witnesses out there who had the good sense to keep quiet, I do understand. I no longer think they are cowardly. Perhaps they are wiser than I. I should have waited and had my book come out after my death.

the book will be coming out this year.

God bless you all.

Best Regards,

Judyth Vary Baker

Seeking the Exoneration of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Jan 12, 2005


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