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1965 Edgewood Arsenal Study Photos?

Tom Gram

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The 1965 Edgewood Arsenal wound ballistics study on 6.5mm ammunition has been rightly criticized for its selective presentation of data. For example, the study shot 10 skulls, but only published 2 skull x-rays, 5 skull photos, and one skull entrance wound photo. The exit wound photos were also taken after the gelatin “scalp” was removed, so the missing skull in those photos does not necessarily reflect the original state of the wounds. Has anyone ever attempted to obtain the remaining photos or any other raw data from that study? 

All of the photos in the report have document numbers on them. Shouldn’t it  be possible to request the unpublished photos in each number series via FOIA, etc.? Also, the photos and any other data generated during that study are certainly assassination records, so maybe NARA and/or the MFF lawsuit would want to look into this. 


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