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Tucker is out apparently

Bob Ness

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2 hours ago, Matt Allison said:

Ya, the fake elector scheme finally blew up; people are flipping like crazy and she needs extra time to process all the new evidence.

Trump is beyond screwed.

Taint the only one. Plenty in line for that one I reckon. It's really serious.

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Michelle Goldberg writing in today's New York Times:

But other Fox hosts have seen their relevance rapidly diminish after being deprived of the network’s platform. Glenn Beck is still performing his 21st-century John Birch Society routine at his company Blaze Media, but he’s speaking to a much smaller niche than he once did. Bill O’Reilly, once the face of Fox, has a podcast and a string of best-selling books, but he’s no longer a particularly important cultural figure. Maybe Carlson will be different, though the text messages exposed by Dominion suggest an intense awareness of his own vulnerability. After the viewer backlash over Fox News correctly calling Arizona for Joe Biden, an enraged Carlson texted a producer, “We worked really hard to build what we have.” And now it’s gone.

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Nice one Leslie.

That is really important.  

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I think the chief reason Fox settled is because they didn't want to be dragged though the mud  with all these texts of Fox personalities like Tucker, Sean Hannity, Ingraham and the perpetually breathlessly alarmed Maria Bartiromo.

But still it surprised me because there's a lot of viewers , even some who are reasonably intelligent like Michael Griffith who apparently wants Tucker to lie to him, or at least it won't affect any desire he has to continue watching him.

They also were making a very stupid defense that they were merely following the lead of Trump and his lawyers.

Ben said twice: "That is what many lawyers said; the case was up in the air." And then a third time with a link from Alan Dershowitz.

That's  what you get when you follow Fox pundit lawyers , like Alan Dershowitz.

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13 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

I disagree.    To me, the ultimate weakness of the Democratic party is the GOP is such an out and out mess, but yet they control the Supreme Court,  control the House and are a seat away from a tie in the senate. And OMG are we all trying to forget how Trump beat HRC?  That was not that long ago. 

The popular vote does not MATTER!  How can anyone forget that after Bush VS Gore.  Or 2016.  All that matters is the Electoral College. And the GOP has a good map: the south, the border states and the mid west.  What Trump did in 2016 was to make headway in the Rust Belt.  Which is not solidly Democratic anymore at all.  Ohio is now a Republican state.

There will be no landslide or even a butt kicking if Biden is the candidate.

The only man I could see doing that is Gavin Newsom. And he is not running. 

The very fact that Trump is on trial in two cases, and will likely be in a third, Georgia, and he is neck and neck with Biden shows just how weak a candidate Joe Biden is.   

Finally, Hunter Biden is a time bomb waiting to explode.

I would tend to agree with Matt. Barring a completely dramatic screw up from Biden. There is not a path to a Trump victory in 2024. And right now it appears the Republicans are just going to march on for their 4th time to the Little Big Horn with Trump! Maybe the Trump lawsuits might give the Republicans a reprieve? Or strengthen Trump if they're drawn out for another millennium?

Jim Di: Finally, Hunter Biden is a time bomb waiting to explode.

Apparently you haven't heard Jim. For fun, I'll quote my post on it. Since House Oversight Committee Chairman Comer now admits they got nothing on Hunter Biden and Fox has canned Tucker Carlson, who  else with any real influence is going to pursue Hunter Biden anymore?

4 year old story. RIP,  Read it, watch it  and weep.


Do you realize how much noise we've had to hear from Ben about Hunter Biden over years now?

Now it turns out, head of the Oversight Committee, James Comer (who Larry Shnapf is trying to get an audience with for the JFKA Files), has admitted they have nothing on Hunter Biden except the usual nepotism questions. And how hypocritical does that look after  Jared Cushner made a billion dollars from his connections to the President?






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I have been fighting and suffering through my lost current political and Trump news thread addiction withdrawal symptoms.

I knew that thread eventually had to be moved off the main line.

Still, I miss it.

However, this Carlson/Fox News thread stuff is like having a dealer offer me a fresh dose of current news heroin!

Got to fight it!

Alan Dershowitz.

Yes, I had a body massage at Epstein's sex mansion...but I never took off my tighty-whities underpants and my masseuse was an older big boned German woman who barked strict orders at me.

"Don't move or I will break every bone in your body...Yah?"





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See new Tweets


Via Twitter:
BREAKING: Gerry Fillippatos, the attorney for the former Fox News producer, Abby Grossberg, has just told MSNBC's Ari Melber that Special Counsel Jack Smith is pursing Fox News evidence that Grossberg has. Details: - Grossberg says she has 90 recordings that she made during her time at Fox News. - Grossberg also has been subpoenaed by Smartmatic, the other company suing Fox News. - Grossberg says that she “had been asked to spy on [Maria Bartiromo] by the Fox bosses and report back on what she was doing." - Grossberg claims that Tucker Carlson "would call and tell [Republicans] that if you don't participate or come on the show, we'll destroy you." "Tucker and his executive producer... really were responsible for breaking me and making my life a living hell" - Abby Grossberg
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Melber broke the Grossberg — criminal investigation — story five days ago during his interview with Filipattos. It didn't take rocket science to figure out he's talking about Jack Smith.

 Listen min. 5:15. 


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