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Woody Harrelson as E. Howard Hunt?

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1 hour ago, Ron Bulman said:

White House Plumbers’ wrings satire from the oddball characters behind Watergate (msn.com)

I just don't get green lighting millions of production and actor salary monies

for a TV film of the criminal gang "Plumbers" and the damage they did to our country with all of their sinister law breaking efforts to sabotage our constitutional foundation and trying to present this in a satire way.

I've seen the preview clips.

Woody Harrelson with his typical half-cocked grin and goofy-eyed expression.

The G. Gordon Liddy character with a hair piece that looks like it was purposely designed to look ridiculous. 

What is the target audience the film producers are trying to reach with this piece?

I watched the TV series "Gaslit" centered around Nixon's Attorney General John Mitchell's wife Martha Mitchell.

Even though there was some displaying in the script about Martha Mitchell's embarrassingly self-humiliating eccentricities, over all the main film message thrust was really about the incredible corruption of Nixon, John Mitchell and the entire Nixon administration. 25 of the highest rank of them going to prison!

There was another TV docudrama about John Dean and the main Watergate burglary team awhile back as well. I thought it was extremely well done with great performances by the actors who portrayed Maureen Dean, John Dean and G. Gordon Liddy.

I truly enjoy Woody Harrelson in his usual movie roles of edgy eccentrics, "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" humor type characters.

Almost every time he makes me laugh in those. He's got a very unique charm in that way.

But I can never take the guy seriously.

And I can't find humor in the Nixon. CREEP, Watergate/Plumbers story.

Although I always laughed my head off watching professional impersonators doing their bits on Nixon, Kissinger, LBJ etc.

Highly recommend pulling up on You Tube impersonator David Frye's piece on LBJ...

"My fella Americans ... ah come to you tonight with a heavy heart...Ha!


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  • Ron Bulman changed the title to Woody Harrelson as E. Howard Hunt?

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