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Dallas Police Department Linked LHO to Walker Shooting By Dec. 2

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An intriguing FBI memo, evidently written on Dec. 4 by the FBI Special Agent in Dallas to the FBI Laboratory, and the FBI Director Hoover:  

("Moore" is Don Moore, CIA Domestic Intelligence Division, stationed in Dallas.)


What this memo indicates is that the Dallas Police Department had reasons to suspect LHO of shooting and missing General Edwin Walker of April 10, 1963, even before LHO's handwritten letter to his wife, Marina, likely written that same day or evening, had been translated. The letter is interpreted by some as indirectly implicating LHO in the Walker shooting. 

But how could the DPD suspect LHO so quickly, even before the Marina letter had been translated?

The answer is, of course, it was the DPD who first gathered LHO's possessions from the Paine residence, possessions which included the famous backyard photo of General Walker's house (the one with the auto license cut out) and four other photos of Walker residence approaches. 

Evidently the DPD detectives recognized the photo of the Walker residence---Walker was nationally famous at the time, and had recently been shot at---and pondered if LHO had a penchant for shooting at public figures. 

https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=145516#rlPageId=30&search=Cleave_and Walker and bullet

A confirmation of this scenario came on Nov. 29, from Chief Curry of the DPD. 

On Nov. 29, Chief Curry told the Associated Press (AP) he thought JFK had been shot with a "steel jacketed" bullet and he was seeking confirmation of that opinion from the FBI. 


Of course, this all goes back to the DPD official reports filed on April 10, 1963, that identify the bullet recovered in the Walker home that evening as "steel jacketed"---Detectives Van Cleave and McElroy both authored and signed reports stating that. Van Cleave would tell the AP, NYT and two other newspapers he had recovered a 30.06 slug---a slug he had handled and scratched his initial into.  

It is an inevitable deduction that soon after the JFKA Chief Curry read or remembered the official DPD Walker shooting reports, and deduced if LHO was the JFK shooter, then likely it was "steel jacketed" bullets that LHO had used in the JFKA. 

Of course, as all JFKA researchers know, LHO's purported JFKA weapon was a Mannlicher Carcano that shot 6.5 ammo, and copper-jacketed---very obviously copper-jacketed.

Police detectives and FBI labs do not conflate the terms "steel jacketed" and "copper jacketed," especially when gathering evidence in murders or attempted murders. 

Meaning...if LHO shot at Walker, he must have had another rifle. One that fired 30.06 steel-jacketed bullets. 





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