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Questions for RFK Jr.

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On 5/17/2023 at 1:14 PM, Lawrence Schnapf said:

@William Paris I agree and we should widely promote his views. 

@W. Niederhut I think it is better for RFK Jr to stick with the Douglass book. The other books are too strident for the masses and the authors more controversial. Douglass is unassailable.   

Unfortunately, Douglass is very assailable. He is a 9/11 Truther. 

JFK Revisited is not strident, but unfortunately it repeats the myth that JFK was going to abandon South Vietnam after the election. However, the rest of the documentary is so good that I still recommend it. The segment on Vietnam is brief. One error, even an inexcusable one, cannot cancel out so much valid and important information.

JFK: Destiny Betrayed, however, is another matter. It contains a number of unfortunate statements that stem from the far-left political views of its producers/authors. This is why I don't recommend it on my website. 

Sadly, the best books on the RFK case contain varying amounts of liberal politics. The mildest offender is Tate and Johnson's excellent book The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy: Crime Conspiracy & Cover-Up: A New Investigation.

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I think talking about the assassinations in his family has already given him most of the campaign boost he can get from it.

Sorry, RFK's  caught off guard continually, is flat footed, and can't think on his feet. He makes rookie mistakes all the time about a number of subjects, and I could show you.

His figures and sources can be off, and that will dearly cost him.  I liked Dennis Kucinic, his campaign manager, but he lacks the hard edge that's needed to ground RFK Jr.

Not saying he couldn't get another person, whose more campaign savvy  to prepare  him to anticipate these questions.

Unfortunately, rather than learning what a real candidate does. if he loses I suspect a many of people here will just pass it off as the MSM or the "deep state" went after him and got him, but that's a cop out.

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