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The "Gay Nineties" Club in Dallas. Possible Ruby / James Herbert Martin connection?

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Hi everyone!

I am currently doing some research on the "Gay Nineties" club in Dallas which was a private gay club in the 1960's in Dallas. To my knowledge, this club came up twice in the JFKA. 

The first mention was when Jack Ruby told the WC when looking for food to bring to the DPD, "I drove by another club called the Gay Nineties, and they were closed."

The second time it came up was when the FBI was looking into Marina's "business manager" James Herbert Martin in late February 1964 after Marina and her kids moved out of the Martin home after Robert Oswald discovered their affair that occurred during their trip to the Warren Commission in DC. James Herbert Martin was the manager at the Six Flags Motel where the Secret Service had Marina and her kids held up before they curiously allowed her to move into the Martin home in December just a week or two after the JFKA. 

James Herbert Martin also admitted in his WC testimony to knowing Jack Ruby as they both worked in the nightclub scene (his explanation is attached). 

I was doing some digging and the only picture of the gay nineties club I could find wasn't in Dallas, but was in Shreveport, Louisiana and it opened in September 1959 (according to a flier I found). So, I looked up where Shreveport was and to my surprise it was dead center of the route someone would take to go from New Orleans to Dallas. Are these clubs connected? Could this have been a meeting point for operatives between these two cities and / or just a place to stay and "freshen up" along the way?  

If anyone knows anything more about this club or can shed any context on this curious connection and location, I would be greatly appreciative!! I attached the picture of the club in Shreveport, a map showing its location in relation to Dallas and N.O., a screenshot of JHM's reference to his relationship with Ruby to the WC and a screenshot of the FBI document that confirms JHM's employment there. 

Thanks - Joe B 



Map of Shreveport, LA.png

JHM, 90s.png

JHM - Ruby Statement.png

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