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You Can't Talk About Watergate Until You've Read Geoff Shepard's Book

Michael Griffith

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In his 2015 book The Real Watergate Scandal, former Nixon White House attorney Geoff Shepard makes a strong case that the real scandal of Watergate was the Democrats' abuse of the judicial system and their distortion of the evidence to bring down Richard Nixon. Shepard makes a powerful case that the "smoking gun" White House tape that was presented as proof that Nixon ordered a cover-up of the Watergate burglary was actually taken grossly out of context, and that Nixon was not talking about covering up the burglary. Shepard's case on this point is so strong that even John Dean has acknowledged it. 

Now, mind you, Shepard does not whitewash Nixon's lies and other misconduct, but he does argue that Nixon was not guilty of the main charges that the Democrats made against him. He also makes the point that Nixon's various sins were comparable to those of some other elected officials, including a few presidents, not one of whom resigned. 

The Real Watergate Scandal: Collusion, Conspiracy, and the Plot That Brought Nixon Down

Here is Shepard's website:

Geoff Shepard | Author of The Real Watergate Scandal Book (shepardonwatergate.com)

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