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Al Pacino and John Travolta meet the Giancana Myth

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44 minutes ago, Joe Bauer said:

And don't forget that JFK and RFK were going to force Hoover into retirement if JFK was re-elected.

Instead, LBJ takes over and immediately grants his best friend ( "like brothers" - LBJ quote to Hoover ) a life-time extension in his position as head of the FBI?

If that fact doesn't raise the too close buddy protection suspicion hair on the back of your neck...what would?

LBJ was such a good guy by paying him off errrrrrrrrr giving him a lifetime job.

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Jim Di Eugenio's essay on his Kennedy's and King site regards the full story of Sam Giancana is the definitive source to access to understand the full picture of him and this area of JFKA research.

It's a fascinating read.

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Thanks so much for that Joe.


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10 hours ago, Norman T. Field said:

Yes, I find them credible. Through the years I have read multiple accounts from wise guys claiming to have seen pictures of JEH and Clyde in intimate circumstances. One guy claimed that Meyer Lansky had shown him the pictures, another claimed Frank 
Costello showed him the pics: so apparently there were multiple copies circulating. 

There is also the matter of JEH and Clyde getting comped for annual vacations at a resort in La Jolla CA that was owned by wise guys. 

Through the decades I have read dozens of books about La Cosa Nostra, but I don't recall which of them made these claims. I do recall that these claims were repeated in several different books. 

Hoover considered fighting communism to be the main role for the FBI, crime in general was a secondary concern. 


A story I guess I shouldn't post as I can't remember the name of the Washington person or where I read it from a non mob source went like this.  The source, an upper level government assistant, maybe attorney went to a cocktails and dinner diner party.  After drinks and dinner, during more drinks, the rumors about Hoover and Tolson came up.  The host excused himself for a moment and came back with a somewhat grainy but distinguishable picture of Hoover pleasing Tolson.  The host was Angleton.  Why can I remember grainy but not the Name!!!  My hope is someone else someone else has read this and remembers the name and source.

I think Hoovers cover of the mob went back to WWII.  The FBI, formed in 1935 did not have the resources to pursue them nationwide at the time.  Hence Elliot Ness and the Untouchables of the Treasury taking down Capone.  By WWII the FBI was protecting the U S shores while the new OSS was engaged in Europe. 

Which involved the docks in NYC where the mob was invited to patriotically defend through its labor relations.  Hoover had to be aware of and most likely involved in this.  Lucky Luciano released from prison but deported.

Somewhere - Hoover - Frank Costello (?) meeting on a park bench in NYC to discuss matters?

Some of this may come from Contract On America by Scheim or Mafia Kingfish by Davis, wrong in their conclusions but some legit documentation.  Maybe the Capone paperback I did a Junior College report on in about 1975?

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On 6/2/2023 at 8:57 AM, Michael Griffith said:

But having Rosselli as a shooter and having Nicolleti and Tippit chasing Oswald is no worse and no more implausible than having Lansdale as a key player in the plot, having Lansdale in Dealey Plaza, and having JFK being killed because he was supposedly going to abandon South Vietnam after the election.



In what movie is Lansdale a key player in the plot, and JFK killed because of his plan to abandon South Vietnam?


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Sandy, Mike's comments are a deliberate provocation..  Which is why I do not read him anymore.

Anyone who watches the film JFK will understand that Mr. X is theorizing about who could have planned the crime.  Sutherland actually says that in the film.

And as I said, Newman has evidence that Lansdale was in Dallas.

Newman 's Vietnam thesis has been backed up by the following authors:  the late Howard Jones,  Gordon Goldstein, James Blight, Jim Douglass, Jamie Galbraith and David Kaiser among others.  As well as McNamara's debriefs. Kennedy's policy was knowingly reversed by LBJ. And we have that on tape.

To compare those facts with what Celozzi is proposing is utter moonshine.

Edited by James DiEugenio
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