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The chance of solving the crime

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Hi George,

Even though your "Chance of solving this crime" string was not supposed to be posted, I think it's a great topic. And I'll be glad to pose one answer (for those who think it hasn't been solved)--no chance. Not because it's beyond solving, or because the evidence is contradictory, or that it's too old. The murder of John Kennedy is, and forever will be, a perpetual game of Clue (The CIA on the knoll with the Mauser; The Mafia on the overpass with the Luger; the Texas oilmen with the Patsy in the window). I think the reason is this: Most people on this site don't really want it solved. It is a classic example of how the journey is so much more important than the destination.

PS: Just in case they don't have it in Europe, George, Clue is a board game every kid in America plays while growing up.

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