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Greetings All:

I wish to apologise to all of those researchers who have written me and responded to my postings. I do value your input very much and wish I could respond to each and every one of you in a timely manner.

As an explaination, I am just about under constant cyberattack nowdays and I am lucky to even be able to post to the extent that I have before my system crashes and I have to completely reformat my HD. Hell, I concider myself lucky to even get a single post online before I'm wiped off by DOS Crackers that are able to penetrate my firewalls and strong encryption software. Even as I write this post I am fending off a SynPort Attack which when I run my Visual Trace will most likely have originated from Langley, Va.

It would help me a lot if those of you who wish to email me would go to MIT's website and download the latest PGP software and launch a public ID Key, that way I know with reasonable certainty that it won't contain a trojan when you email me.

Things will improve conciderably when I am able to upgrade to a new system but until then [PLEASE] bear with me_I promise I will respond as circumstances permit

and please don't become discouraged when I am not forthcoming with an answer to your questions and comments.

With Warmest Regards To All Of You: ;)

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I've noticed some very good posts from you recently.

Could you post a short column here containing your findings,

since you seem to be facing some imminent disruption?


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