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New JFK documents reveal assassin’s CIA monitor was Jewish spy Reuben Efron

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@Allen Lowe

1 hour ago, Matthew Koch said:

is this one anti Semitic also in your opinion? 

These articles are all written for the JEWISH TELEGRAPHIC AGENCY - there is even a section called



In 1639, Sephardic Jews in Amsterdam—many of whom had fled religious oppression in their home countries of Spain and Portugal—founded a school and meeting place that was a testament to their newfound religious freedom. Today, Ets Haim (Hebrew for “Tree of Life”), is the oldest functional Jewish library in the world.

Can you somehow explain how a JEWISH website with articles about JEWISH people and their history...

... can be anti-Semitic?

Here are the titles of some other articles from this JEWISH website...  you think these are anti-Semitic too?  You really need to drop the righteous indignation and realize what you're saying about a JEWISH website...

The Jewish Sport Report: Taking a trip to Jewish surf camp
Israeli UFC fighter Natan Levy beats up online xxxxx who supports Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes
The Ripped Bodice, Brooklyn’s new romance-only bookstore, reflects the values of the Jewish sisters who own it
NYC Mayor Eric Adams heading next week to Israel, where he once said he hoped to retire
Paraguay moves its Israeli embassy back to Jerusalem
A Holocaust museum is launching in Fortnite. Can video games fight antisemitism?
Super Bowl champion Leonard Fournette visits Jewish summer camp for children with cancer
Tel Aviv’s long-awaited light rail system is finally opening — but not on Shabbat

If, on the other hand, this was FOX NEWS or MSNBC's agenda - it STILL is probably not anti-Semitic.  There are far worse atrocities currently going on against the JEWISH people worldwide than to be fixated on a JEWISH journal's articles somehow being against the very people who are their readers.

https://premierchristian.news/.  you think these people write anti-Christianity articles due to their mentioning the religion of those involved?

Pioneer network launches ministry practice review following Gerald Coates complaint
CofE sports bishop clarifies comments about skipping church to cheer on Lionesses
Dante Bowe shares reason behind his Maverick City departure
We cry out' Pakistan bishop as churches set alight over alleged Koran burning
Vicar's husband grabbed cats and guitars after 10 minute warning in Tenerife wildfire
Hillsong's Brian Houston speaks of persecution as he's found not guilty of covering up father's sex abuse crimes
Pakistani brothers arrested for blasphemy after mob burns churches
Sweden raises terrorist alert level as Christians attacked in Pakistan over Koran burnings

https://wng.org/. -  or try this one.  What do you think JEWISH journals write about exactly?

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