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What is known about Jose Elias de la Torriente and the Bay of Pigs?

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Cuban businessman Jose Elias de la Torriente figures into the continuing raids on Cuba until he was shot dead in his Florida home. He had been the Florida representative for Colins Radio, the company that equipped the vessel 'Rex' as a radio ship for the expat Cuban raiders. I am trying to build biographical accounts without gaps and any pointers will be of help.

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Timeline problems: Dr Manuel Artime Buesa is shown standing next to President Kennedy in the Orange Bowl when JFK makes his announcement to the crowd that the Brigade flag used at the Bay of Pigs will fly over a free Havana. The crowd cheered. That was in 1962 - after Manuel Artime Buesa has been ransomed back from Fidel Castro's Cuba following the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Then, in 1963, CIA declassified documentation shows that the CIA as part of their 'Zenith' operation out of South Miami were buying the 'Olga Patricia' with Artime in mind.

That is before JFK is shot.

Another document relating to South Miami and Special Group (Augmented) connects the obtaining of a ship which appears to be the Gordon McLendon and Clint Murchison 'Bon Jour' - which became 'Magda Maria' and then 'Mi Amigo' which is discovered to be too small for the 'Operation Mongoose' plan to drop literature from high altitude balloons over Cuba which had been launched by that ship. So they got the 'Olga Patricia' which was used to do that job.

All of this overlaps the murder of JFK.

Operation Mongoose was still ongoing - but other documents now released show that the USSR had not removed all of the nukes from Cuba, and so the idea of another direct invasion of Cuba was off the table.

Furthermore, another book reveals details that US airmen were involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion.

The beauty of the ship details is that ship records don't lie. They can be entered with false information but the ship itself can only be in one place at a time and both the 'Mi Amigo' and especially the 'Olga Patricia' create their own affirmative timelines.

Not only that, but in 1974, the ex-pat Cubans were still at it and using the 'Olga Patricia' to raid Cuba and kill Cubans on land. Fidel Castro no less, is on record (transcript at UT in Austin), as denouncing the CIA ship 'Olga Patricia' by name and forcing the US Justice Dept to seize the vessel which sought shelter in US waters after Castro's jets had shot it up following a battle in which other ships had been seized by Castro.

Instead of arguing about the could have and might have timeline with human beings, the fact that especially the 'Olga Patricia's' timeline is so well documented creates a problem as to who might have killed JFK, and that is why I think that the hard evidence points to the Mafia in New Orleans seeking vengeance, and the Mafia intervention creates problems for the ex-pat Cubans and for the CIA because neither one can admit what they were doing if they turned on the Mafia.

So as a result a blur is created. But then along comes Jose Elias de la Torriente in 1974. He has strong ties to Collins Radio and the vessel 'Rex' which is also tied to the CIA as well as the 'Olga Patricia'.

This is why the man with what appears to be a walkie-talkie sitting next to the man with the umbrella takes on importance. The radio industry involving Continental Electronics in Dallas runs through the history of rogue broadcasting, and so does the Collins Radio company.

Continental Electronics dates back to the pre-WWII Mexican 'border blasters' and they originate in Fort Worth, Texas with WBAP.

Jump forward in time to 1960 and now we are into the UK nuclear fight to get weapons from the USA which results in the Polaris submarines at Holy Loch in Scotland.

So its not just ships, but transmitters and radio companies which have time-stamped records that are available, and because the time-stamping of human whereabouts is so abstract and confusing over could be motives, attention should be given to nailing down one timeline of events using records that can be verified by many unrelated (to the JFK murder) sources.

If that timeline is established as the foundation for all other information, it is possible to see who could have been involved in the murder of JFK.

To the best of my knowledge after working on creating such a timeline, at the present moment it does not exist but it is on its way to becoming manifest.

People can't be in two places at the same time, and neither can ships.

But what appears to be going on is the constant recycling of information as speculation instead of nailing down as absolutes like a criminal investigation, what is known for a fact, and is therefore what is an absolutely factual bit of information to which everything else must comport and not conflict.

Edited by Mervyn Hagger
I replaced the word 'broadcasting' with the word 'company'.
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6 hours ago, Larry Hancock said:

Specifically in regard to the Bay of Pigs landings, the link below gives a list of Cuban Brigade members. 



On the list above I do not see any mention of Jose Elias de la Torriente - did I skip over his name or wasn't he one of the original invading ex-pats at the Bay of Pigs?

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Torriente was not a member of the Brigade (he was too old), but he did associate with quite a few members over the years. He ended up getting assassinated in 1974.

Two of his associates would possibly have known some details about the assassination - Antonio Iglesias Pons (Ref 2) and Gus Villoldo (AMCHALK-1). Iglesias would, in 1964, head one of Artimes' AMWORLD camps. Villoldo, along with Felix Rodriguez, would be involved in the capture of Che Guevera. 

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Thanks for the info David. I know how Torriente fits in and why he was bumped-off. It has to do with raising money for a new invasion of Cuba and misusing the funds to buy property, and using the mv Olga Patricia to raid Cuba and kill a school teacher. That enraged Fidel Castro and he went on Radio Havana to denounce the CIA and the ship, so the US Justice Department to grab the ship after Castrol retaliated by grabbing a US-related cargo ship. The Cuban ex-pats were angry and killed him while he was watching TV at home.

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