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The Lone Gunman identified as Don House

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Forget Lee Harvey Oswald, let's all discuss Don House from Ranger, Texas who was in Dallas when JFK was shot and then stopped in his car while passing through Fort Worth on his way to Ranger, Texas.

Don House had boxes of dynamite in his car!

Don House was arrested on suspicion of having murdered JFK and taken to Fort Worth Police Headquarters.

Lucky for him, Jack Ruby was still in Dallas, otherwise Jack may have taken a pop with his gun at Don House and he would be dead.

Don House yelled out on film that he was innocent - just like Lee Harvey Oswald.

Then FW Police got a call from someone to let Don House go because Dallas Police had just busted Lee Harvey Oswald sitting dangerously watching a film in a theater.

His crime?

LHO didn't buy a movie ticket!

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