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Did Bobby prompt the murder of his brother John?

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Looking at the evidence and for the Occam's razor solution, the finger points to the Mafia man in New Orleans who had a personal grudge against Robert F. Kennedy, and the easiest way to shut him up was to kill his brother. In that way Bobby's grudge would come to an end.

Everything else spills off the SGA and Bobby's campaign to wage war on Castro's Cuba.

But the reason why JFK died on November 22, 1963 is because his brother Bobby disrespected a Mafia boss to such an extent that the Mafia boss had enough.

So indirectly Robert F. Kennedy was part of the chain that murdered John F. Kennedy.

It is the most obvious and most direct and logical answer, but one that scared Hoover and LBJ crazy, and their craziness resulted in the Warren Report.

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