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Blakey's Missing Third Dimension

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Using Occam's Razor as a guide, the answer is clear as clean water in bowl.

Others want to stare into muddy water, and if it isn't muddy enough, they will drop in more extraneous 'dirt' and make it opaque.

Robert Blakey got it right, long ago: Marcello ordered the hit. He had the motive, the means and the money to pay for it. What was not clear until very recently is where does the CIA fit into this?

The answer is with the missing piece of a three-sided pyramid.

That is where the expat Cubans join with RFK and the CIA who join with the Mafia.

That is the second side of the pyramid, but it appears to be a two-sided proposition.

It is not. The third side has remained invisible due to confusion and trying to assemble the story with only two of the three parts.

The missing third side involves the lives of people like McLendon and Murchison and Haiti and De Mohrenschildt - all glued together by three ships: the Mi Amigo; Galaxy and Olga Patricia. Follow the lives of those ships and you meet all of the people involved with the murder of JFK.

Without knowing that there is a missing third dimension to this puzzle, the Blakey version just opens a can of worms that come crawling out in the form of questions.

Factor in the third dimension and the story is very clear.

However, the story became too dangerous to reveal due to the cover-up that the original story.

Then the true story could not be told without revealing the missing part of the puzzle.

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