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Peter Voskamp, Pompeo, and the Anti-Democratic CIA

Benjamin Cole

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From Jeff Morley's JFK Facts, by Peter Voskamp. 

The upshot: You are going to wait a long time to see the JFK Records. Probably longer than most of us have to wait. 

In Calling for CIA Reform, RFK2 Cites Former Director Pompeo

The agency's top echelon is 'anti-democratic,' according to the man who ran the clandestine service.

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  Mike Pompeo official CIA portait. Wikimedia Commons  
Former CIA director Mike Pompeo (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. revealed in a recent interview that former CIA director Mike Pompeo gave him a damning assessment of the leadership of the agency he headed in 2017-2018. 

Interviewed by Tucker Carlson, the conservative pundit fired from Fox who now holds forth on X/Twitter, Kennedy said he spoke with Pompeo at a dinner earlier this summer where Pompeo looked him in the eye and proclaimed:

“The entire upper echelon of that agency is made up of individuals who do not believe in the democratic institutions of the United States of America.”

“That’s a quote,” Kennedy added.

Kennedy wouldn’t name who else attended he dinner with him and Pompeo, saying “the rest of the group makes the story even weirder.”...


Morley has said the Biden Administration has decided to let the CIA decide what files get released.  



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  • Benjamin Cole changed the title to Peter Voskamp, Pompeo, and the Anti-Democratic CIA
6 hours ago, Gerry Down said:

I wonder what Pompeo was referring to. Pompeo is a conservative. Did he mean the upper echelon of the CIA is left wing?

At first, I thought you were off-base in your comment. 

Then, I wondered: "What passes for the 'left wing' today?"

The Dictator-Puppet-in-Chief has done a snuff job on the JFK Records Act without the slightest murmur from the "left wing" or D-Party, and affiliated media. 

If there is a difference between HRC and Liz Cheney, other than Cheney wears glasses, please define it.

The globalist agenda is the D-Party agenda, but the D-Party is still thought of as "left wing." They fly the rainbow flag, after all. 

Maybe as a populist (sometimes erroneously described as "conservative") Pompeo thought the CIA was anti-democratic (small "d"). 

The sad thing is, the globalist media will never even ask these questions.  This is all terra incognito, along with the JFK Records Act. 



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