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Missing Links, and the Coup in Dallas

David McLean

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Curious Flight arrival records of John Reagan Tex McCrary, Ilse Skorzeny and others…

16Dec1961- Tex McCrary and Lou Chester on Bahama Airways Freeport(FPT) to Miami

30Nov1961- Ilse Skorzeny  FPT to Miami;

18Dec1961- Ilse Skorzeny TWA Madrid to NYC;

24Jan1962- BahamaAirways BH309 FPT to Miami, with Ilse Skorzeny, John Tyson head of Preview  Inc, European banker Pierre Beckhardt and  architect Jacque Coulle, AND one Tex McCrary, though scrawled in a possible attempt at concealment.

7Set1962- Bahama to Miami, on  the  private of Charles Taylor Construction, and piloted by him, with Ilse Skorzeny, banker Beckhardt and Gerald Blitz, Belgian founder of Club Med.

Ilse also flew 25Mar1962 Mexico City to NYC, 21Aug1962 Frankfurt to NYC, 5Nov1962 Dublin to NYC, 22/23Nov1962 Paris to NYC. Her first recorded flight to the US that I can find was 1Mar1957 Madrid to NYC, where I understand her married sister lived,at 350 Cabrini Blvd.

Tex.,  with Jinx, on 12Mar1959 flew PanAm Rio to Miami, on the same flight as Lester Logue and his business partner Archibald Paterson. He also flew Freeport to Florida in 1962 on 8Jan, on 14Feb,with Jinx and John III,  17March, and 6 May.

Obviously, some of these trips are for business and some eg Valentines Day are sentimental.

BUT I wonder if something more is going on, something involving  Meyer Lansky, and the future Presidency of Richard Nixon. Need I spell out McCrary, Sid Richardson and Clint  Murchison probably did much recruit to  Eisenhower to run and as a Republican; that Nixon had close ties with the Bahamas,through Abplanalp and Rebozo, went there to brood November 1962, and according to Summers most likely had a per cent of the take of the Paradise Island bridge, courtesy of the influence of Lansky.

And note that German politician Volker Hassman in the Executive Intelligence Review  of Aug 24 1982, identifies a “Lichtenstein broker Pierre Beckhardt” as go between forTibor Rosenbaum’s Banque de Credit International of Geneva and the looted Hesse Land Bank.Hassman wrote “the greater part of the BCI’s services had been at the disposal of that man: Meyer Lansky”.  
And was it not a check traceable to BCI that so panicked Nixon in the Watergate debacle?





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