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Paul Landis credibility MAY have taken a couple hits here- 1983 and ("NEW") 2010 statements

Vince Palamara

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The major marketing campaign timing of this unprovable bomb shell story and it's ease at garnering absolute top tier main stream media coverage just before this fairly date significant 60th anniversary of the JFKA is suspect in several ways.

Obviously, Landis's co-writer and publisher had to create and promote this dramatic story in a way that received national news coverage beyond anything any real top JFKA researcher could ever dream of. This kind of national media coverage is a book sellers dream!

Imo someone has to have an awfully well connected inside track to the right people to swing such an improbable highest media level of coverage of what many would categorize as more a "National Enquirer" tabloid type article due to it's highly sensational yet impossible to prove claim.

The aforementioned national medias are going Ga Ga over this highly debatable and impossible to prove 60 years old bomb-shell story of Landis's.

And just months before this upcoming JFKA significant year anniversary date?

Whether it is by design or just coincidence, Landis's national coverage story can't help but dominate or at least crowd out most other JFKA conversations and coverage of more meaningful research findings and questions during the entire JFKA anniversary news cycle.

It would be journalistically responsible and ethical for honest news reporting to include contrary commentary on the Landis story from the most respected JFKA researchers in the country.

Researchers who dispute Landis's story and can probably submit lots of more credible factual evidence to expose it's improbability.

Which members of our forum are the most informed of the Parkland hospital JFK/John Connally treatment event including the time, place, handling and identification provenance of the so called "Magic Bullet?" 

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12 hours ago, David Josephs said:

@Vince Palamara @James DiEugenio

At 1:10 of this video we are treated to crystal clear tv coverage of the ER entrance at Parkland...

Vince, if we can find the rest of that coverage it should help with the windshield bullet strike since it seems to me the most clear image at Parkland I've seen.  

Can't seem to find the whole clip though...  is this old news?


Hi! Old news (this is the Thomas Atkins film; pretty commonly used in documentaries). This is all there is.

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On 9/22/2023 at 9:02 AM, Joe Bauer said:

Another question I have about Landis's story regards the timeline of it.

Did Landis find the bullet/fragment after Connolly and JFK were removed from the limo and both had been placed on stretchers and rushed into the ER trauma rooms 1 and 2?

If so, at what point was he able to get close enough to either of their stretchers that had been used to get them into their treatment rooms to leave any such found bullet?

Was JFK lifted off his initial ER entrance stretcher and placed on another existing table or gurney more permanently stationed in the trauma room?

If so, I assume JFK's entrance stretcher was then wheeled out into some area of the ER hallways and left unattended enough that Landis was able to find it and place the bullet on it unnoticed?

I guess I am also asking what was the movement record of JFK's entrance stretcher?

When and where did it go if it was removed from trauma room 1 seconds after JFK was lifted off of it?

Same with Governor Connally's initial entrance stretcher.

Landis was obviously among the many Secret Service agents who stationed themselves throughout the ER area during the treatment of JFK and Connally.

And many other people were in that area as well. Hospital personnel, JFK entourage, LBJ and his wife, and who knows who else. Mayor Cabell and his wife were also there.

The entire scene was reported as a super high anxiety and at times confusing one.

I imagine Landis will be asked to provide much more detail about his story from when he first arrived at Parkland...to the second he claims he placed a bullet on any stretcher.

How did he know any stretcher he saw was Kennedy's versus Connally's?

Where was the stretcher when he discovered it?

I read that Landis may be appearing at some type of conference soon?

He is over 80 years old.

I don't think he will actually make that appearance.

The questions presented to him would be so numerous and specific and high energy charged.

But what else would he expect when he publishes his story that claims to totally disrupt the lone gunman finding of the Warren Report?

And if true, would be one of the most major secret truth exposing events in America's history?



I think this is probably a rabbit trail intended to divert us from the real considerations of this anniversary, such as why so many documents are still suppressed.  In this case, Landis was at least disrespectful to his superiors in the SS, in that he apparently deliberately meddled with evidence.  But nobody seems to care, which presents yet another issue.  

I will take a look at his book when it comes out, but will not spend a whole lot of time trying to figure out what he is actually trying to say, as he has said different things at different times.  

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Pamela I wonder how much Landis was paid for his memoir book deal.

It must have been a substantial amount.

Our resident SS expert forum member Vince Palamara was trashed for years by certain SS agents ( as were his published findings books ) as simply a guy looking for book deal bucks with over-sensationalized and hugely misinformed tales of their history, especially their engagement in the JFKA.

And they did so ...with their own profit making books and paid appearances to discuss the same subjects!

Their hypocritical judgmental standard was that former SS agents had more integrity than to profit off anything to do with the JFKA and their roles in protecting JFK and Jackie K..

So, here once more we have another JFKA connected SS agent going after the big bucks with a non-provable highly sensationalized book and tale of his own.

And again I state this so called "bomb shell" Landis book/tale is not worthy of highest level national news media coverage when it's main story line cannot in anyway be proved to be true.

This is a "National Enquirer" story imo.

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On 9/23/2023 at 9:46 AM, Vince Palamara said:

Hi! Old news (this is the Thomas Atkins film; pretty commonly used in documentaries). This is all there is.

Other threads tell us (show us)(clear photo) that there was no hole in the windshield at Parkland (there was some damage only) -- & shows a dent in the chrome trim.

The Atkins film duz not have a clear frame showing a hole or damage or dent. But it has say 3 sequences showing the accidental killer, Hickey.

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