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SA James W. Wood

Jean Ceulemans

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As I understand it SA James W. Wood was a Dalles FBI Agent, not ? 

In stead of having the LA Office do the investigation he must have went to LA and take care of things himself ? 

Was this a normal procedure ?   Just asking, because in other cases one usually (?) sees local agents handling the file in loco

B.t.w., what does :mjg stand for ? 

PS : the investigation (on LHO's alleged mail-order revolver) was 99% based on Michaelis providing the documents and explanations (Wood really shouldn't have gone to LA... , unless he went there for another reason, I don't know). 


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5 hours ago, Jean Ceulemans said:

The :xxx marking (?) behind his name changes a couple of times. 

I'm totally ignorant of the meaning...


My guess is the :jab is the secretary or typist. 

Back in the day, many, many ordinary white-collar workers had secretaries, who did all the typing.

Often a pool of white-collar workers would use a smaller pool of secretaries. 

Secretaries today are mostly seen in old movies, or very high end executive suites. 


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