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You can't make this stuff up: Katzenbach Recommended to Lead CIA

Benjamin Cole

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JFKA researchers know the name Nicholas Katzenbach for his famous 11/25/63 memo, in which he implored LBJ press secretary Bill Moyers that the "public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin" and that he had no confederates and would have been convicted if brought to trial, and a lot more. 

Recently, EF-JFKA'er Mile Massicotte noted that then Deputy Attorney General Katzenbach, literally within hours of the JFKA, had wanted the FBI to put out a statement that LHO had murdered JFK. At 4:15 pm ET time on 11/22, although it might have been earlier. 

Katzenbach had a storied career, and was obviously a smart guy.

But, did Katzenbach have connections or ties to the CIA? From his Wikipedia entry, no. 

But here is a tiny AP story, from Jan. 22, I believe it would 1965. 

CIA Director John McCone had recommended several men to LBJ to run the CIA (McCone was departing), and one of the recommended individuals was...Nicholas Katzenbach. 

Now...why would McCone want Katzenbach to run the CIA in 1965? 



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