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Oswald was involved in two murder plots: Kill Castro - Rescue Kennedy

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This video-trailer claims.   If the video is half as good as the trailer, I will watch it for sure. The video will undertake what O. Stones "JFK revisited" movie has avoided: To merge the Plot to kill Castro with a bioweapon with the plot to kill Kennedy. 

More info: The video is called THE KILL SHOT 

Posted 1h ago by Shannon Joy posted on X: 

The #KillShot debuts TONIGHT at 8pm ET exclusively on Rumble!!! It’s my first ‘shot’ at a documentary style expose and let me tell you … I’m HOOKED. I’ve found that I love the deep dive on REALLY interesting stories from the past which give great insight on the issues and challenges we face today. The Medical Industrial Complex, The CIA playing God, Mafia, Murder and gruesome Gain Of Function Research WERE ALL critical components of the JFK assassination in 1963 yet that story has never been fully told. For The #KillShot I teamed up with the legendary producer Matt Skow and traveled to New Orleans this summer to track down this story to bring NEW life and new information to the blockbuster book ‘Dr. Mary’s Monkey’ by Ed Haslan. We also interviewed the LAST living witness to these atrocities… Judyth Vary Baker who was an amazing wealth of information. I hope you’ll tune to The Kill Shot at 8pm tonight ET EXCLUSIVELY on !!!




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@Charles Blackmon, said, quote:


I came in late. What was the Oswald involvement in 'Save Kennedy"? 

Unfortunately that part is left out ... 

After Mexico City, the Judyth Baker story goes,  Oswald was sent to Dallas to infiltrate radical cuban groups who were about to kill Kennedy to counter that efforts ...  Oswald not only failed to do that (He didn't know, that to save Kennedy was never intended) , but used as the posterboy for a coverup of what we all know was a coup de etat. 

Regarding Oswald infiltration of radical groups in Dallas this quote may help.




After  this  scathing  characterization  of  our  hero,  let  us  get  back  to 
events  that  happened  on  the  evening  of  November  22nd.  That  night,  as 
Walthers  was  back  home  with  his  family,  he  got  a  call  from  one  of  his 
informants  in  Oak  Cliff  with  information  that  related  to  the 
assassination.  Many  think  that  only  the  FBI  or  CIA  have  informants,  but 
even  detectives  and  deputies  need  an  extensive  network  of  people  on  the 
inside,  people  with  knowledge  of  the  identities,  actions  and  plans  of 
criminal  groups  and  individuals.  Walthers  was  no  different  ~   call  it  a 
necessary  evil  or  the  rules  of  the  game.  He  had  contacts  in  all  walks  of 
life  throughout  his  thirteen  years  with  the  Sheriffs  Office,  and  his  name 
was  even  found  in  Jack  Ruby’s  address  book.  It’s  just  a  fact  of  life  that 
you  must  “deal”  with  these  sorts  of individuals.  Certain  concessions  need 
to  be  made  at  times  in  order  to  receive  the  information  necessary  to  do 
your job;  either money,  protection from  prosecution,  anonymity,  etc.
However,  this  night  the  informant  was  of  a  different  color.  The  tip 
Walthers  received  came  straight  from  the  lips  of  his  mother-in-law!  No 
researcher has been  able to uncover this fact before. Her name and address 
will  remain  shielded  at  this  time,  but  it  will  suffice  to  know  that  she 
lived  on  a  street  in  Oak Cliff called  Harlandale.  It  seems that  she  had  been 
noticing  the  comings-and-goings  of  a  group  of  Cubans  on  her  block  that 
gathered  often  for  political  meetings  in  the  house  at  3126  Harlandale.
After  notifying  her  son-in-law  the  Deputy  of  their  strange  activities, 
which  went  on  late  into  the  night  and  included  some  well-known  Dallas 
right-wing  personalities among their devotees,  Walthers decided to notify 
the proper authorities the next morning, November 23rd. The report stated,
“Mr.  Decker:  At  about  8  a.m.  this  morning,  while  in  the  presence 
of  Allan  Sweatt,  I  talked  to  Sorrels,  Dallas  Secret  Service  head. 
I  advised  him  that  for  the  past  few  months  at  a  house  at  3128 
Harlandale,  some  Cubans  had  been  having  m eetings  on  the 
weekends  and  were  possibly  connected  with  the  ‘Freedom  For 
Cuba  Party’  of  which  OSWALD  was  a  member.”
It  was  ‘Fair  Play  For  Cuba’  to  which  Oswald  belonged.  Freedom  For 
Cuba,  or Cuba Libre,  was at the opposite end of the political spectrum, and 
indeed,  it  happened  to  be  Jack  Ruby  himself  who  pointed  out  this  same 
discrepancy from the  back of the  room at Oswald’s  press  conference when 
Henry  Wade’s  gaffe  identified  him  as  a  member  of  the  Free  Cuba 

Walthers  started  watching  the  house  for  suspicious  or  criminal 
actions.  He discovered  that the  house  was  rented  by one  Manuel  Rodriguez 
Orcarberro,  one  of the  leaders  of a  violent  anti-Castro  Cuban  group  called 
Alpha  66.  Other  participants  included  members  of a  group  called  the  DRE, 
the  Student  Revolution  Directorate,  an  organization  that  enjoyed  right-
wing  support  and  CIA  subsidies  in  the  form  of  weapons,  money,  and 
training  at  secret  military  bases  across  the  South.  After  the  Walthers 
memo,  the  Secret  Service  did  a  check  on  Manuel  Rodriguez  and  found  him 
to  be documented  as  a serious enough  threat on the  President  to be placed 
on  the  “Protective  Research”  list.  The  report  described  Rodriguez  as  "... 
apparently  a  survivor  of  the  Bay  of  Pigs  episode,  was  attempting  to 
purchase  arms  in  Dallas  for  Alpha  66.  Rodriguez  is  also  a  member  of  the 
DRE  (the  Carlos  Bringuere  group).”  It  so  happens  that  Rodriguez  and  his 
group  were  under  investigation  the  very  week  of  the  assassination  by 
Frank Ellsworth of the ATF  (known as ATTU  at the time),  and was known  to 
be  in  the  process  of buying  stolen  armaments  through  a  Dallas  gun  dealer, 
John  Thomas  Masen.  It  seems  that  Walthers  had  hit  the jackpot  again!  He 
had  located  the  headquarters  of  the  Cuban  element  in  the  JFK  plot.  New 
information  has  surfaced  that  brings  to  light  that  the  DRE  representative 
from  Los  Angeles,  a  man  named  Manuel  Salvat,  was  also  in  Dallas  in 
October  1963,  helping  with  arms  procurement  for  the  coming  Cuban 

After  a  few  days  of  snooping,  Walthers’  ‘informant’  gave  him  some 
important news that the Deputy put in  his follow-up report:
“November  26,1963.  I  don’t  know  what  action  the  Secret  Service 
has  taken,  (We  do.  None.)  but  I  learned  today  that  som etime 
between  seven  days  before  the  President  was  shot  these  Cubans 
moved  from  this  house.  My  informant  stated  the  Subject  OSW ALD 
had  been  to  this  house  before.  Buddy  Walthers.”
Of course  we  know  that  his  leads were  never  followed  up.  The  Secret 
Service  did  not  contact  Walthers’  informant  or  trace  down  the  former 
occupants  of  3126  Harlandale  to  question  them  about  Oswald  or their  gun 
deals,  since  this  might  have  linked  the  leftist  Oswald  with  a  right-wing 
Alpha  66  or  the  DRE.  The  authorities  could  not  afford  to  have  the 
investigation  turn  in  that  direction.  No,  they  had  to  keep  him  as  a 
disillusioned  Communist  loner.  The  CIA  pretended  they  couldn’t  even  find 
such  a street  name  in  Dallas;  they  looked for Harlandale and Hollandale  but 
couldn’t  quite  think to  look  right  next  to  it  in  the  index  for  Harlandale.  As 
the  brilliant  code-breakers  they  are,  they  conveniently  scramble  the 
letters  to  suit  their  purposes.  However,  the  FBI  did  finally  locate  3126 
Harlandale,  and  they  revealed  in  December,  1975,  the  results  of  the 
information  in  the  Dallas  file  on  the  Rodriguez-Oswald  connection 
conducted by FBI S.A. Gemberling:
“It  was  noted  from  review  of  Dallas  files  that  the  address 
referred  to  by  Deputy  Walthers  was  erroneously  listed  as  3128, 
but  the  actual  address  was  3126  Harlandale  Street.  Review  of 
Dallas  file  reflects  that  the  original  organization  known  as 
Alpha-66  held  m eetings  during  early  1963  at  3126  Harlandale 
Street,  Dallas,  Texas,  and  a  letter  furnished  to  the  FBI  Dallas  by 
a  Mrs.  Dorothy  Keasler  Klein,  4141  Prescott  Street,  Dallas, 
Texas,  reflects  that  she  had  received  an  unsolicited  form  letter 
from  that  organization  on  November  19,  1963,  asking  for
donations.  The  letter  from  Alpha-66  was  on  letterhead
stationary,  which  reflected  the  above  address  and  was  signed  by 
Manuel  Rodriguez,  General  Secretary  of  A lpha-66.”
The  FBI  found  no  evidence,  however,  that  Oswald  had  ever  been  to  the
Was  Walther’s  mother-in-law  correct  when  she  claimed  to  have 
recognized the  Caucasian visitor to the Alpha-66  meetings  as the by-now- 
famous  Lee  Harvey  Oswald?  There  is  more  evidence  that  she  was  right. 
Researcher  Dick  Russell  conducted  an  interview  in  1976  with  Lonnie 
Hudkins,  then  the  Texas-based  reporter  who  had  broken  the  story  related 
to  him  by  Deputy Allan  Sweatt that  Oswald  was  an  FBI  informant.  Hudkins 
had also checked into the Harlandale  issue,  and related,
“T.  George  Harris,  the  ex-senior  editor  of  Look  Magazine  and  I 
went  all  through  the  Little  Cuba  district  of  Dallas,  and  found 
people  who  said  Oswald  and  others  had  attended  a  party  the 
Wednesday  night  before  the  assassination  at  the  Harlandale 


  More about the house in Harlandale.

And a (safe?) house on Elsbeth Street and a house behind Beckley 1026: qoute, Tosh Plumlee: 




LHO had two apts. "the crazy doorway" entrance' on Elsbeth St, 605 or 602 I think ( from memory) also mentioned on this Forum years ago. Ask Jim Marrs and Peter Lemkin about that apt. I took Jim Marrs to both of these apt, Becklet and Elsbeth, also Nigel Turner and Oliver Stone's people were taken there by me.. The apt behind the Beckley St address LHO visited the Cubans many times and I was there ( the back building directly behind Beckley). My initals were carved in a draining board at that rear apt. and as of 1991 were still there "WRP" as confirmed by the owners. The two Cubans who rented that apt were thrown out because of the messes they made and all the late night visitors and the carved WRP on the draining board. This was also told to the Church Com and Congressman Tomas Downing in 1975 before the HSCA was formed...... I was attacked at the time I post most of this information and it went nowhere...... I was just trying to help researchers.... that was information before the fact... given to law enforcement and later to this forum and its members... it did not happen I was told by many on this forum and I was called a fabricator and xxxx.... This is "Background Information for you I hope it helps in some way. There is a lot the research community does not know about all that... Harlandale, Franandez (pho sp) and those associated with Alpha-66 and Omega-7 of Miami... but what do I know.... I read about it in 1932 in The Dallas times Herald in comic section.

 Edited January 16, 2008 by William Plumlee





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Discussion between Joy Shannon and the Co Producer of THE KILL SHOT. 


 It is an ironic that, if true, Judyth Vary Bakers account proves, that Garrison while he thought he was investigating a plot to kill Kennedy was investigating a plot to kill Castro. That Oswald was guilty in participating in a plot to kill Castro but not in the killing of Kennedy was something that never occurred to him. Garrison couldn't make sense of the following: 



We (Garrison and his men after the news of Ferries death) piled into the cars outside and arrived at Ferrie’s apartment less than ten minutes after our own investigators. There was no danger of federal
intruders. Our men had sealed it off so a ten-ton tank could not have gotten within 50 yards of the late David Ferrie’s apartment. The first thing that hit me when I went through the door was the smell of the white mice. There had been hundreds of them in the place, kept in wire cages in the living room and dining room as part of the cancer experiments Ferrie had conducted with an established local doctor. The doctor now was long gone, and so were the white mice. But the cages and that unforgettable, stale, oddly sweet smell continued to hang in the air.


Garrison obviously discovered remnants of the "GET CASTRO with CANCER "project, where at last Lee Oswald, David Ferrie, Jack Ruby Mary Sherman, Guy Banister and Alexander Rorke were involved.  

What have all those people further in common? They died within a year. With the exception of Ferrie and Ruby who died within 50 days in early 1967. 

(Alton Ochsner and Clay Shaw were involved too. It seems Shaw was never involved in a conspiracy to kill Kennedy but  involved in a conspiracy to kill Castro.)



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