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U.K. TV begins 60th JFKA anniversary.

Pete Mellor

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Tonight, Saturday 4th November at 8pm Channel Four screens Episode 1: JFK: 24 Hours That Changed the World
Documentary exploring the last 24 hours in President Kennedy's life through original footage and oral history, from his arrival into Dallas to his body being taken by Air Force One to Washington DC. The programme also examines the chaos and grief that swept a nation, and the subsequent arrest and murder of apparent sole gunman Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Channel Four follows this at 9pm with Episode 1: Kennedy, Sinatra and the Mafia
Documentary exploring the relationship between the singer and the president, and how both men's ride to success involved connections with the world of organised crime. When the two icons crossed paths, they immediately enjoyed each other's company. Sinatra became integral to the Kennedy presidential campaign - but his Mafia connections soon made Sinatra a political liability, requiring Kennedy to push him aside.

Further JFKA episodes are scheduled to follow over the coming weeks as the 60th approaches.

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In case U.K. readers have missed this, ITVX viewable through the app are showing 'JFK: The Home Movie That Changed The World.'

Produced by Shearwater Media, this 1 hour film tells the story of Abraham Zapruder's chance filming of the JFKA.

Featuring actual voice commentary from  Zapruder, Alexandra Zapruder, Sitzman, Clint Hill & Stolley from Life mag.

Interesting that Zapruder is a firm WC believer when past reports have him stating a shot came from over his right shoulder.

+ speaking of the presidential limousine, "As it turned (referring to Elm Street) I started shooting pictures."


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