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View of Oswald carrying Paper Sack on West 5th St Irving

Tony Krome

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Mrs. RANDLE. He was carrying a package in a sort of a heavy brown bag, heavier than a grocery bag it looked to me. it was about, if I might measure about this long, I suppose, and he carried it in his right hand, had the top sort of folded down and had a grip like this, and the bottom, he carried it this way, you know, and it almost touched the ground as he carried it.

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Mary Ferrell has nothing. Dallas DPD has nothing. FBI has nothing. Secret Service has nothing. Warren Commission has nothing. JFK authors have nothing. CT's have nothing.

Wait ... can someone pop over and ask Wesley or Ruth about Peggie. Time's running out.

And while your at Ruth's, ask about the Randle phone number next door to her house.




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