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20th Century Family History Knowledge

John Palin

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The great interest in the on-line 1901 Census inspires me to test my theory

through the Forum.

I maintain that most present day extended families will know something of what family members were doing during World War 1, and so when they turn to the 1901 census they know some of the family members they are looking for?

Am I right?

What is my reasoning?

1. The impact of the two world wars on family oral history.

2. Many families were established in the same areas throughout the twentieth century.

3. The emergence of smaller definitions of "family" in the early twentieth century

and the "turning away" from memories of the Victorian period.

4. Photography.

Of course the irony is that 19th century family history is easier to unearth from documentation than 20th century history because of the census access rules.

Can members help confirm my theory or will it be exploded?!

John Palin


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