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Live stream of news footage from 22.NOV.1963

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I am quite new to the forum. I wanted to let you know about a live stream I am doing tomorrow (22.NOV.2023)

I have cut together a video featuring news footage from 22.NOV.1963. I will stream the video and provide commentary throughout, hoping to provide modern context and information to go with the footage. The footage contains video from CBS,WFAA-TV and NBC.

The stream will start at 12:15 CET / 06:15 EST. The news reel will start at 12:30 CET and the video is synced to CET (my time zone). So when it is 12:30 CET, it is 12:30 CST in the news reel.

I think this will be an informative stream, one that I hope can capture people's attention on the 60th anniversary of the assassination.

All the best,


Stream can be found here:


You can also follow my page on instagram for updates :


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