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CE 20 - Marina Oswald's pharmacy diploma ?

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I knew from her hearing that her diploma was in a bad condition (because of the fingerprint tests), but was it really this bad ???

This is pretty much the same as redacting it in full

I have been trying to find a better copy of it, but no luck so far.

Anyone ? 

I do have the data* that supposed to be on it, but a good picture.. nope...

From the NA In Leningrad, Marina attended the Three Hundred and Seventy-Fourth Women's School. After she had completed the seventh grade at the school in 1955, she entered the Pharmacy Teknikum for special training, which she had requested on the ground that her mother was ill and Marina might need to have a specialty in order to support herself. While she was st the Teknikum, she joined the Trade Union for Medical Workers  and, in her last year there, worked part time in the Central Pharmacy in Leningrad. She graduated from the Teknikum with a diploma in pharmacy in June 1959.



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