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Finish The Sentence, Re: Tippit:

Bill Brown

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Fillins for Bill

“Those fingerprints on the Tippit patrol car in the exact two locations of the car where the killer was, and his hands witnessed either touching or inches away, which look very much like they could be from the killer (and which are not Oswald’s), I believe were more likely from an unidentified person than from the killer, because …”

“I know that Curtis Craford did not toss a revolver of the kind used to kill Tippit, out a back window of a car driven by Ruby close to the Carousel Club on Ruby's way to the Stemmons Freeway, in a paper bag of fruit, at about 6 am in the morning, onto a downtown street, hours after Tippit was killed and hours before Craford, of hitman experience and expertise, then precipitously fled Dallas in interstate flight, and I know the reason that weapon was disposed of in that way was not because it was a recent murder weapon, and I know the DPD and FBI concealment of knowledge of the existence and find circumstances of that particular weapon was unrelated to the Tippit murder, because…"

“I know there is no reasonable doubt over whether there could have been substitutions in the shell hulls sent to the FBI lab for matching to Oswald’s revolver, after judicious consideration of the information brought out here, https://www.scrollery.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/T-BALLISTICS-108-1.pdf, because…” 

“I know the man in the balcony of the Texas Theatre interviewed and released by Dallas Police, seen coming from the exact location where the killer of Tippit had ran only several minutes before, was not the killer of Tippit, and was never recontacted to ask if he had seen any other suspect for the killer who was where he was, because…”

"I know that the identifications of Oswald as the gunman from the Tenth and Patton eyewitnesses, and as the man in front of Brewer's store on Jefferson who ran into the balcony of the Texas Theatre, fleeting glimpses all, cannot reasonably have been cases of mistaken identifications because..."  

"I believe that the description of the killer by the Tenth and Patton witness who got the closest and best look at the killer's head of any witness from only a few feet away, of a block cut hairline on the back of the killer's neck claimed by that witness to have been seen very distinctly, was actually a mistake for the tapered cut hairline at the back of Oswald's head, because..."

“I know the three Texas Theatre alibi witnesses to Oswald placed somewhere else at the time of the killing of Tippit, on the ground level main seating area of the Texas Theatre consistent with being a paid-ticket customer, an alibi not contradicted by any other Texas Theatre staff or patron, cannot be correct, because..."

"I believe theater patron witness Jack Davis's account of Oswald's unusual movements in sitting next to different persons as if he was looking to meet someone was not because he was looking to meet someone, because..." 

"I know Oswald did not buy a ticket to the theater that day from Julia Postal at the cashier's window, and give his ticket to general manager Callahan who was taking tickets from persons going in to the seating area, because..."

"I believe Oswald, whom I say did not go by bus or on foot from his rooming house to the Texas Theatre, chose instead to walk from the rooming house in the very different direction of Tenth and Patton where he had no known reason to go there, for this reason:..." 

"I believe the reason the color and description of the killer's abandoned jacket at the Ballew's Texaco station differs so dramatically in color and description from the description of Oswald's gray jacket of Buell Wesley Frazier who saw him wear it many times at work at the TSBD and driving him to and from Irving, but is identical in color and similar in description to a jacket photographed a week later worn by Curtis Craford, is because..."

"I am confident confessed professional hitman Curtis Craford's precipitous decision to take flight from Dallas with no notice to his employer Jack Ruby who had recently hired him, hours after the Tippit killing, was not because Curtis Craford was the true killer of Tippit, and I am confident the Tenth and Patton witnesses and Brewer did not misidentify Craford as Oswald even though it is a matter of record that numerous witnesses unrelated to the Tippit case did misidentify Craford as Oswald in other circumstances, making exactly that mistake, because..."

"I believe officer Tippit randomly flagged down his killer on a sidewalk, and got out of his patrol car to check him as a suspicious person, without radioing that stop in, rather than the reverse in which the killer flagged down Tippit (hence the back-and-forth movements of the killer as the patrol car slowed to a stop), and calmly and accurately shot Tippit dead as a professional execution, and calmly reloaded prepared to kill again as he walked not ran away, because...

"I believe it can be excluded that the Tippit killer going to the Texas Theatre after shooting Tippit was a thwarted attempt on the part of that killer to kill Oswald next there, the failure of that intent making necessary the belated extrajudicial pretrial execution of Oswald two days later by Curtis Craford's employer, Jack Ruby, because..." 

"I believe Jack Ruby and his recent hire, confessed hitman Curtis Craford, would not have had any interest or reason to kill Oswald on Fri Nov 22, and that Ruby's apartment only several blocks from the Tippit killing from which the car-less Craford could easily have walked (after being last witnessed driven away by Ruby from a restaurant the night before), and Ruby's giving from memory on Sun Nov 24 a mistaken street address residence of one of his dancers matching to the exact street address of the location of the Tippit patrol car where Tippit was killed, are coincidental without bearing on the Tippit murder, because..."

"I continue to hold that my previous statement of opposition to, and absolute refusal to endorse or express support for, a check being done of the unidentified fingerprints on the Tippit patrol car in an attempt to identify, including but not limited to a possible match or exclusion of match to Curtis Craford specifically, which would involve no financial cost and minutes of time by an expert analyst but which has never yet been known to have been done, is a correct and disinterestedly objective investigative decision to take in the Tippit murder case because..." 

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5 hours ago, Bill Brown said:


Please finish this sentence, I'm curious:

"Oswald did not kill Tippit and I know this because...."


I guess the biggest issue is the time. Alot of witnesses seem to think Tippit was shot at 1:06pm for some reason. Why I don't know. But the timing of the call made from Tippits radio, which I believe is 1:16pm, puts the timing of Tippits shooting much later.

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3 hours ago, Gerry Down said:

I guess the biggest issue is the time. Alot of witnesses seem to think Tippit was shot at 1:06pm for some reason. Why I don't know. But the timing of the call made from Tippits radio, which I believe is 1:16pm, puts the timing of Tippits shooting much later.


Ted Callaway testified that after hearing the five gun shots, he ran out to the sidewalk on Patton. This was a little over a half block south of the shooting scene. Callaway saw a man (who he later identified as Oswald) cutting across Patton as he (Oswald) made his way south on Patton (towards Callaway's position). Callaway hollered out to the man as the man continued south on Patton past Callaway's position. Callaway testified that the man was running and holding a gun. Callaway saw the man head west on Jefferson (the same direction as the theater).

According to his testimony, once the man turned west onto Jefferson, Callaway ran a "good hard run" up to the corner of Tenth and Patton. Callaway, noticing the stopped patrol car, went to the car and saw the officer (Tippit) lying dead in the street. Callaway grabbed the police car radio and reported the shooting. He said he didn't know if anyone had reported it yet, so he decided to report it himself.

To recap, Callaway hears the shots. Runs to the sidewalk. Sees the gunman run south on Patton the entire block from Tenth to Jefferson. Runs the two-thirds of a block up to the shooting scene and then reports the shooting to the police dispatcher.

How much time do you believe passed from the time Callaway heard the shots to the time he reported the shooting on the police radio?

Let's say two minutes pass from the time Oswald shoots Tippit to the time Oswald turns the corner from Patton onto Jefferson. This is a little over one block and Oswald was running.

Let's say it takes Callaway one minute when he made the "good hard run" the two-thirds of a block from his location to the patrol car.

If these two time estimates are anywhere close to being correct, then Callaway is at the patrol car roughly three minutes after the shots rang out. Let's add another full minute for error. So we have Callaway at the patrol car using the police radio about four minutes after the shots rang out.

Here's the thing... Callaway's report to the dispatcher while using the patrol car radio took place at 1:19/1:20.


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16 hours ago, Bill Brown said:

@Greg Doudna

Finish this sentence please:

The partial prints lifted from the patrol car MUST be the killer's prints and no other person's prints because...

*** The partial prints lifted from the patrol car REASONABLY APPEAR LIKELY, though not CERTAINLY, to have been the killer’s prints and no other person’s prints, prior to taking into consideration any other information on the identity of the killer, because of the expert finding that those prints from both locations came from a single individual, and because of how unusual it would be that a random single person other than the killer would leave prints in both of those two particular locations, contrasted to perfect means and opportunity for the killer to have done so, witnessed at both locations.***

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8 hours ago, Marcus Fuller said:

"Oswald did not kill Tippit and I know this because...."

..he couldn't be in two places at once. 



Here's another good question that conspiracy theorists need to answer....

The fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was running around---on foot---with a gun in his hands near the area of Tenth Street and Patton Avenue in Oak Cliff at just about the very same time when J.D. Tippit was being shot and killed is a fact that is NOT really important at all when trying to determine who shot Officer Tippit....because....?


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"Just having Lee Oswald in the general area of the [Tippit] crime, with a gun, and acting "funny" and obviously avoiding the police is a good hunk of circumstantial evidence leading to his guilt right there. Where does the road of common sense take a reasonable person when JUST the above after-the-shooting activity of Lee Harvey Oswald is examined objectively? It sure doesn't lead to total innocence, I'll tell ya that right now. (Especially when the stuff that went on inside the movie theater is factored in as well.) In a nutshell, this murder boils down to the following concrete fact (based on the overall weight of the evidence that surrounds the crime): If Lee Harvey Oswald didn't kill J.D. Tippit -- then J.D. Tippit wasn't killed at all. Maybe it was all some kind of "Bobby Was In The Shower" type of dream or something instead."  --  DVP; October 2006


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3 hours ago, David Von Pein said:

Here's other good questions that lone nut theorists need to answer....

Who was the 'Leon' that visited the Odio apartment?  As Fonzi wrote:-The visit was more likely on September 25,26, or 27. If it were, then Oswald, judging from evidence developed by both the Warren Commission and this committee, had to have had access to private transportation to get to Dallas from New Orleans a situation that indicates possible conspiratorial involvement.

Who was the imposter reported by Hoover as using Oswald's birth certificate while LHO was in Russia?

Who hitched a lift with Ralph Yates?

Who was the crazy Oak Cliff rifle range shooter?

Who was the Lincoln Mercury test drive person who caused the salesman to write the name Lee Oswald?

Who was creating a scene at the Dobbs House restaurant, identified as Oswald, while LHO was working at the Depository?

Answer these questions and we can then look at Calloway's fleeing cop killer.

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On 12/11/2023 at 1:35 PM, Bill Brown said:


Please finish this sentence, I'm curious:

"Oswald did not kill Tippit and I know this because...."


…Butch Burroughs sold him popcorn at 1.15.

Wheres my prize.


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The timing of the Callaway call to the DPD using Tippit's own car radio as Bill Brown relates is one of the most solid points of credible evidence regards the actual shooting time of Tippit.

Callaway hears 5 gun shots.

Seconds later he sees a man ( Oswald? ) running past his sitting location. He calls out to the man...'Hey man, what the hell is going on?"

As the man runs farther away from him without answering, Callaway jumps up and begins running full tilt towards the location of the gun shot sounds just a block and a half away.

He thereupon comes across Tippit's car and Tippit's body laying prone next to it.

Was Callaway the first person to Tippit's car and body?

After examining the shocking murder scene before him, Callaway instinctively reaches in and grabs the car radio phone and probably knowing it's simple push button activation system, does so and reports what he sees to a dispatcher.

What is the officially recorded time record of Callaway's car radio phone call-in?

Depending on the amount of time between Callaway hearing the gun shots and his calling in using Tippit's car phone...one can most credibly deduce a very close time frame for the actual shooting of Tippit.

I totally agree with BB's time estimate of Callaway's actions up until the phone call.

The most time for this would be 5 minutes imo.

I add another minute to BB's time estimate in part to allow for a mind freezing period of Callaway first coming upon Tippit's bloody shot up dead body and trying to take in the once in a lifetime brutally shocking scene.

If the Callaway call-in was recorded at 1:19 pm, that puts the Tippit shooting time at 1:14 pm.

Now, compare that time frame to the ones reported by the employees of the Texas Theater and the shoe store salesman next door. Especially the time the shoe salesman first reported seeing (Oswald?) stopping to turn his head away from the street and facing his storefront window.

Any discrepancies?


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